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Railroad Corridor Mapping in Brazil with Microdrones Saves Customer 74%

Check out the latest point cloud in our LiDAR Datasets, provided by our distributor Measure. Their customer was tasked with surveying a 108km corridor of new railroad construction in Goias, Brazil,...
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3D Models from Microdrones

To demonstrate the high-quality visualizations that can be captured with 3D systems from Microdrones, we've created three sample 3D models showing all angles, roofs and sides of buildings, as well as...
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Drone LiDAR Data Set Comparisons

The team at Microdrones would like to present and compare data collected by the mdLiDAR3000DL & mdLiDAR1000. Learn about the workflow used to create the data and then take a look and interact with the...
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Big Creek UAV Lidar Dataset

LiDAR Dataset from Big Creek as seen in Down to Earth