Drones for Surveying

Easily Create Contours with LP360

Letel utilizes TrueView LiDAR and LP360 software to provide grade-checks, topos, and quality control for their customers.

For almost two decades, GIS professionals have depended on LP360, a leading LIDAR software that excels in 3D High-Performance Point Cloud Processing. This software simplifies the extraction of information and production of outputs within a user-friendly GIS setting.

Why do experts choose LP360? What distinguishes it from other tools in the market, and why would a geospatial expert recommend it? These are some of the questions we explore with our customers and staff in the series Geospatial Genius.

We'll discover why industry leaders prefer LP360 for processing, analyzing, and optimizing their survey data. In our latest episode, we spotlight Chris Bagley, the Data Manager at Letel, as he leverages LP360 Drone to transform UAV LiDAR data into actionable deliverables. Click the image below to watch Chris convert raw flight data from their TrueView 3D Imaging System into valuable outputs.

Unlock Your Geospatial Expertise

LP360 is the preferred software among professionals in surveying, civil engineering, transportation, mining, construction, forestry, and utilities. It enables them to process point cloud data to produce highly accurate deliverables.

LP360 offers two specific product lines tailored to meet all your LiDAR and photogrammetry data processing needs. LP360 Drone is the flagship product for drone-based geospatial data workflows, equipped to convert LiDAR and imagery data into useful outputs. This includes critical functionalities like visualization, quality control, classification, 3D editing, and detailed analysis.

LP360 Geospatial is adept at handling LiDAR data or images from various aerial or mobile sensors you may choose. It specializes in processing large LiDAR datasets to derive meaningful insights.

Both lines feature a comprehensive set of tools for quick visualization and the creation of secondary products. They include advanced options such as automatic classification and feature extraction. Additionally, LP360 efficiently manages point cloud data directly in the industry-standard LAS format, bypassing the need for laborious import or conversion steps.

Learn more about our LP360 LiDAR & photogrammetry 3D point cloud software or schedule a time to meet with one of our sales representatives today to add LP360 to your workflow.