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Make Your Ground Classification Automatic With LP360 Cloud

Simplify Your LiDAR Data Processing Workflow with LP360 Cloud Ground Classification

LP360 Cloud Ground Classification is a new processing module available in LP360 Cloud and can be used to automatically classify the ground for data on the cloud. This new feature greatly simplifies the workflow for Ground Classification by optimizing LP360 to do the work for you, while also freeing up your desktop for other processing jobs.

In the short video below, Martin Flood will give a brief overview of how you can use Automatic Ground Classification in LP360 Cloud to speed up your data processing workflow.

Automatic Ground Classification

LP360 Cloud Ground Classification can be used with any point cloud, however it has been designed for easy use with the TrueView 3DIS sensors. A user must be assigned an LP360 Cloud Starter license from the LP360 Store to use the Ground Classification on the cloud.

For a detailed explanation on how to use the tool, please refer to our LP360 Knowledge Base article How to use LP360 Cloud Ground Classification.

There is also a featured article in the Knowledge Base for more detailed explanations behind the settings of the LP360 Cloud Ground Classification – Method and Context.

If you'd like more information on how to add LP360 Data Processing to your workflow, schedule a time to meet with one of our software experts today.