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It’s easier than ever to purchase LP360 with the new and improved online store.

We are excited to share the latest upgrade to our online shopping platform — the all-new, optimized LP360 Online Store. This enhancement is not just about a new look; it’s about providing a faster, easier, and more efficient way to equip yourself with the professional and advanced geospatial software you rely on, including LP360 DRONE, LP360 CLOUD ACCESS, and a variety of add-on products that enhance your final deliverables.

Why the New LP360 Store?

The geospatial industry demands precision, efficiency, and scalability. Understanding these needs, we’ve redesigned our online store from the ground up to offer a more intuitive and streamlined shopping experience. Now, purchasing and managing your geospatial software solutions is easier than ever.

See the look of the new LP360 Online Store. It's easier than ever to purchase LP360 Drone

Takeoff with LP360 DRONE

LP360 DRONE is not just software; it's a comprehensive solution for managing your LiDAR and imagery data with sophisticated tools and functionalities:

  • Intuitive Workflow: Navigate through a user-friendly interface designed to streamline your projects from start to finish.
  • Multi-Flight Import and Processing: Effortlessly combine data from multiple flights to enhance accuracy and detail in your projects.
  • GIS Interface: Seamlessly integrate with other geospatial data, providing a robust analysis and comprehensive insights.
  • Powerful Point Cloud Visualization: Utilize advanced visualization tools across multiple synchronized windows to gain unique perspectives and detailed views of your data.

LP360 Cloud makes it easy to share your work. Add to your cart today!


With LP360 CLOUD ACCESS, take your data management and collaboration capabilities to new heights:

  • Easy Upload and Storage: Securely upload and manage up to 200GB of data on our cloud platform.
  • Efficient Data Sharing: Share your projects within and outside your organization with ease, enhancing collaboration and productivity.
  • Dedicated User Account: Manage your data with a dedicated user account, designed to keep your projects organized and accessible.

Easy Shopping Online

The enhancements in our online store reflect our commitment to making your shopping experience as seamless as your project workflows. With our new streamlined checkout process, you can quickly add items to your cart, manage your purchases effectively, and get back to what you do best—delivering high-quality geospatial data. Need to download a quote? Once you’ve added your software and add-ons to the cart, you can easily download a quote in the store to assist with your purchase request.

With LP360, we are proud to support your geospatial projects with cutting-edge software that meets your demands for precision and efficiency. Check out the new online store today!  For more information, schedule a meeting with one of our software experts today.