Drones for Surveying

The Drone LiDAR Tour is returning to Stuttgart

Join our expert panel to learn about the latest in drone LiDAR technology and software

After a successful stop in Zagreb, Croatia, the Drone Lidar Tour is making a return to the city of Stuttgart. GeoCue and Microdrones invite you to learn more about drone mapping, software, and the rules for drone flights in Europe. Join us for a DRONE MAPPING WORKSHOP at the Hotel Deutsches Haus in Kaltenwang close to Weilheim a. d. Teck. Conveniently located at the Autobahn A8 Ulm-Stuttgart, it is easy to reach.

Date: June 11, 2024

Time: 9a – 3:30p

Place: Landgasthof Deutsche Haus KG, Kaltenwanghof 1, 73235 Kaltenwang / Weilheim

Register: https://lp.geocue.com/june-2024-drone-lidar-tour-stuttgart/

Maximum Capacity: 30 guests

Drone mapping technology enables users to obtain, process, and evaluate data with greater precision, simplicity, and speed. GeoCue and Microdrones' Drone LiDAR products offer technical benefits to mapping experts in various fields, including surveying, mining, engineering, and government agencies.

By attending this drone mapping workshop, you will acquire knowledge on how Drone LiDAR facilitates the production of highly accurate, 3D colorized point clouds and inspection imagery. Our team of professionals will demonstrate the equipment and software to show you how to effectively carry out your mapping projects. We are excited to collaborate with you and answer all your drone surveying questions.

In this presentation we’ll cover:

  • GeoCue LiDAR sensors
  • Use of Guest sensors with GeoCue LiDAR and LP360 in customer project
  • UAS operation in the special operation category
  • Use of drone data in iTWOcivil by RIB


We hope you can join us for our next stop near Stuttgart.  If not, you can always schedule an appointment to meet with Samuel Flick, our sales representative for Central Europe.

About RIB

RIB supports you in creating a ceiling book from drone measurements, automatically calculates cross-sections, generates quantity calculations from them and creates 3D solids for transfer to the BIM 5D process. Find out how – at this event in Munich. Lars Bitzer, representing RIB, is a qualified surveyor and supports road and civil engineering companies as well as engineering offices. He looks after his customers throughout southern Germany in the area of infrastructure for RIB iTWOcivil.

Lars Bitzer

Lars Bitzer is a qualified surveyor and looks after road and civil engineering companies as well as engineering offices. He supports his customers throughout southern Germany in the area of infrastructure for RIB iTWOcivil.

About TS Engineering

TS Engineering focuses on construction and provides comprehensive services. They specialize in innovative technologies and use professional flight platforms for surveying services. Your experts support you in the planning and implementation of road and civil engineering projects. They are also authorized to issue building permits and take care of communication with the relevant authorities and the submission of building applications. TS Engineering also offers consulting and CAD services to meet individual requirements.

Tim Scherer

Tim Scherer is an entrepreneur and specialist in civil engineering services. After graduating from Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences, he founded TS Engineering and today specializes in LiDAR mapping.

About Dronesolut

Dronesolut is a service provider for UAS operators in the special operating category according to DVO (EU) 2019/947. In addition to individual advice about operating licenses, the product portfolio includes the assumption of flight operations tasks and software for efficient management of flight operations.

René Wagner

René is a qualified aeronautical engineer and pilot with many years of experience in the aviation industry. As the owner of Dronesolut, he uses his aviation expertise and supports UAS operators with all questions regarding flights in the special operating category. He is a certified project manager, UAS expert and UAS remote pilot.

About GeoCue and Microdrones

GeoCue and Microdrones have joined together to offer the very best in drone surveying equipment, geospatial software, workflow, training, and support.

If your business only needs software to process LiDAR data and images then LP360 allows you to process, analyze, and maximize drone survey data, producing valuable information and deliverables.

Need a LiDAR payload with the best processing software? TrueView offers innovative drone LiDAR and photogrammetry sensors integrated into lightweight payloads compatible with all platforms that can carry the weight.

Or, if you prefer a fully integrated system then our product line from Microdrones offers complete end-to-end systems that include the drone, the LiDAR and imaging payload, software, workflow, training, and support.

GeoCue is represented by Sales Manager Central Europe and UAV expert Samuel Flick as well as Customer Support Manager Jaume Cazorla. Jaume's lecture will be in English.