Using Strip Adjustment to Improve Data Gaps in Drone Lidar. An mdInfinity webPaper

mdInfinity offers high value software to improve geospatial data workflows and the quality of deliverables. In this web paper, Multimodal strip adjustment of airborne LiDAR data using an advanced uncertainty model, mdInfinity explains their fully automatic and rigorous approach of strip adjustment to improve the consistency of collected data. The mdInfinity strip adjustment tool corrects trajectories by estimating time-dependent attitude and position errors (time-dependent trajectory errors).


Data from drone surveying equipment is collected strip-wise with some overlaps for a full coverage of a survey area. Data gaps can be found within the overlaps between the strips to due to the limited accuracy of navigation data, as given by the GNSS and IMU.

Also, when you fly a mission, in extreme conditions, factors such as wind, temperature and others environmental conditions could impact your trajectory in different ways that could prevent the point cloud matching. 

To overcome this problem, strip adjustment can be used to improve the data consistency within overlapping areas. The mdInfinity strip adjustment method offers numerous options to improve the consistency between lines. Using an advanced optimization engine and a smart tie point selector, position and angles of the drone are adjusted through time in order to get a perfect matching of the data.

Strip adjustment should be used at the end of the georeferencing process, only if there are some residuals discrepancies in overlapping areas that cannot be explained by other source of error.

In this paper mdInfinity will present the findings and results for:

  • Overview of the mdInfinity strip adjustment tool
  • Main steps of strip adjustment
  • Trajectory estimation
  • Quality of the estimation
  • Strip adjustment results
  • Conclusion

Learn how mdInfinity strip adjustment is fully automatic and a very user-friendly processing tool to improve the consistency of data collected in the field.

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