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What they’re saying About the New EasyOne Drone LiDAR System

Distribution Partners discuss the reduced size, portability, integration, and efficiency of the new LiDAR system

Microdrones, a leader in fully integrated drone surveying equipment, has released its latest innovation in drone surveying technology: the EasyOne Drone LiDAR System. With this new package, you can expect a smaller operational form factor that allows for easy transportation and storage, along with an enhanced user interface through the new Remote-Control design with mdCockpit. From mission planning to generating powerful deliverables in LP360 software, experience why the EasyOne is the ultimate LIDAR surveying drone ever crafted by Microdrones.

Recently, Microdrones invited some distribution partners to a flight demonstration where they could fly and experience the all-new EasyOne system for themselves. Joining the team was Mark Forsyth, the Director of Drone Sales with NEI, and Brady Reisch, the Virtual Design and Construction Reality Capture Specialist for Kuker-Ranken.

During a Question-and-Answer session, Mark and Brady shared their feedback and experiences with the EasyOne drone Lidar system. Mark highlighted the benefits of the fully integrated system, emphasizing the advantage of having a single-source package, EasyOne’s portability, and the convenience of the quick connect feature for payloads.

Brady, also pointed out the benefits of EasyOne's compact size and streamlined setup process, highlighting the convenience it brings to transportation and on-site missions. He also appreciated the integration of the tablet into the controller and praised the simplicity of the Microdrones ecosystem.

Read what they had to say about the new EasyOne from Microdrones below:

Mark: My name is Mark Forsyth. I'm the Director of Drone Sales with NEI. In that role, I assist our customers in finding the best solutions for their drone needs, mainly with LIDAR. Our relationship with Microdrones is that we are a sales distributor and we have created a very trusted relationship between our companies

Can you tell us about your experience using fully integrated systems from Microdrone?

Mark: The fully integrated systems from Microdrones allow our customers to have an all-in-one solution instead of what we refer to as a Frankenstein system. Microdrones allow our users to have a single-source solution instead of several components and systems that could be mismatched from different manufacturers.

Explain the difference between a Frankenstein system and a fully integrated system from Microdrones.

Mark: The difference, for me, with a fully integrated system, such as drone surveying equipment from Microdrones, is they come from a single manufacturer, are tested to work, and everything is packaged to sell to our customers.

What are your first thoughts on the all-new EasyOne Drone LiDAR system?

Mark: The main thing for me on the EasyOne system is the size and the portability. The portability of the system is a game-changer for me. The single package for the entire system makes transporting it in a car, a truck, or any other small utility vehicle very convenient.

Mark Forsyth, the Director of Drone Sales with NEI, with the new EasyOne

What can you tell us about your experience with the LiDAR payloads for EasyOne?

Mark: The Microdrones UHR and UHR lite are proven sensors that we've sold to many customers, and we've had lots of success with them. Integrating these into the new EasyOne system is a win-win.

Was the new quick-connect feature easier to set up?

Mark: The quick-connect system really speeds up the process to set up the drone and allows for a much smoother transition from taking the drone out-of-the-box and getting the payload onto the drone itself and getting ready to fly and scan.

What do you think about the new remote control?

Mark: The new remote control incorporates mdCockpit and I find that to be a lot better than having an external tablet. It speeds up our workflows and now you can charge a single device instead of having two separate ones.

How do you think your customers will respond to the new EasyOne?

Mark: Our customers are looking for ease of use and mobility. They say “time is money” and EasyOne is going to save everyone time and eventually save them money.

What was your overall impression of EasyOne?

Mark: I was very impressed with EasyOne. The flight times, the controllability, and the workflows are very straightforward. If you're already flying Microdrones systems, adapting to EasyOne is going to be simple.  Furthermore, I believe the workflows and setup will make it easy for new customers that are new to Microdrones to get started with EasyOne right away.

Brady Reisch, the Virtual Design and Construction Reality Capture Specialist for Kuker Ranken, flies the EasyOne.

Next, is Brady Reisch from Kuker-Ranken.

Brady: My name is Brady Reisch and I am the Virtual Design and Construction Reality Capture Specialist at Kuker-Ranken. My job as a salesman is to go from A-Z, from hardware, software, training, and support, to help build out workflows and different ways of getting the deliverables needed by our clients.

What is the relationship between Microdrones and Kuker-Rankin?

Brady: Microdrones is one of our vendors and we are able to sell their products. We've been using them for several years now and they work fantastically. They've got very high-resolution LiDAR scanners and fantastic aircraft.

What are your initial thoughts after seeing and testing out EasyOne?

Brady: Everything about the EasyOne seems like it's going to be another fantastic aircraft. We already know that the sensors are very high resolution, and we get an amazing amount of density from that payload. What's going to be a little bit different this time is that we have a much smaller system that is not going to be a hassle to get set up, fly your mission, and process the data. Now it's going to be much more streamlined.

What makes this new platform different from previous systems from Microdrones?

Brady: We no longer have to use the larger case that comes in with the md4-1000 series. The EasyOne easily fits in the back of your truck or the back of your car.  Now, you've got something that you can easily pack up or unpack and get set up without having to move around a larger, bulky carrying case.

Mark and Brady plan a mission on the new remote control with mdCockpit.

What do you think of the new Remote Control with mdCockpit?

Brady: Now that the tablet is integrated within the controller using the mdCockpit application, we're able to use a single piece of hardware rather than multiple pieces, which makes it a lot easier for our customers.

What sets EasyOne apart from other surveying drones in the market?

Brady: There’s a lot of the other systems in the market that utilize different ecosystems to operate. With EasyOne you have one system to operate the drone and one system to process all the information. With this Microphones ecosystem, we're able to use the hardware, the software, and all the processing in one space, which makes it very easy for all of our customers, compared to many of the other systems.

What's your overall impression of the new EasyOne drone LIDAR system?

Brady: I would say, as the name implies, that the EasyOne is very easy to utilize from set up to launch. It’s very portable, to pack up and get out into the field whenever you need to get multiple jobs completed, which also means you're going to be more efficient.

If you would like more information on the all-new EasyOne, please schedule a time to talk with one of our helpful sales representatives.