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"Learning to Fly" - Mohawk Valley Community College Invests in md4-1000

Students enrolled in Mohawk Valley Community College’s two-year Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems Program have the opportunity to fly the Microdrones md-4 1000 as part of their studies, giving them...
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Microdrones Showcases End to End Workflow with 3 Videos Featuring Spatial Data Consultants

One of the benefits of working with Microdrones is that they have streamlined the entire process of operating their integrated systems by creating an easy end-to-end workflow: plan, fly, process and...
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Myths, Misconceptions and Toys VS. Tools

In an effort to help better understand the platforms, payloads and workflows behind Microdrones integrated systems, Microdrones just released a new video with comments from industry experts, team...
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Four Hours to Record the Solar Field of a 50-megawatt power plant – Amazing Work Being Done By DLR Institute of Solar Research!

The Microdrones Team is proud to see their drones as part of the overall DLR integration to more safely and efficiently inspect solar panels.