Microdrones GE industrial drone line Frequently Asked Questions

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What does this mean for Microdrones customers?

  • Microdrones customers will enjoy the same quality, customer support and commitment to exceptional data collection and deliverables that they’ve come to expect.
  • All contact points and processes with Microdrones will remain the same. The added benefit for customers is knowing that GE, an iconic global corporation with success spanning more than 125 years is an investor in Microdrones and has appointed a member of GE's Licensing executive team to its board of directors in an observer role.
  • GE brings industrial market expertise, global reach, a prominent reputation and experience scaling up industrial businesses.

Who do I contact for sales support?

All contacts remain the same. Your Microdrones Sales Manager remains your key point of contact.

Who do I contact for customer support?

All contacts for Microdrones customer support remain the same. 

As a customer or distributor, who do I contact with billing questions or to pay my invoices?

All contacts and processes for accounts payable/receivable remain the same.  

How does this impact the product lineup?

The GE industrial drone line of surveying equipment consists of the 1000—series systems. These are current systems that will now be part of the GE industrial drone line:

As part of this relationship, our systems enjoy the following new benefits as part a “Version D”, which are specifically suited for industrial applications.

  • GE industrial drone line brings 10% increased motor efficiency.
  • Efficient LED light rings provide enhanced visibility in the sky, with configurable color schemes for compliance with your country’s requirements.
  • Remote ID Enabled for increased safety and compliance.
  • New ground collision avoidance feature.

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