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UAV Presentations in Africa during the Microdrones World Tour

Hanno Truter kept busy in the month August attending the Advances in Geomatics Research Conference in Kampala, Ugunda and the the Association of Mine Surveyors of Zimbabwe’s Annual Conference Harare,...
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Using Drones in Forensic Mapping. A Microdrones Podcast

Though new to this market, drones are making waves in their new role in law enforcement, saving communities thousands of dollars and collecting evidence with startling accuracy. To expand upon the use...
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Propelling Podcast: Learn How Microdrones Sets Distributors Up for Success with Marketing Support and Content

Drones aren't toys; they're solutions. On this episode of the Propelling podcast, members from the Microdrones Marketing team have an in-depth discussion on drone distributorships, branding, and the...
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Construction Companies Are Reaping Massive Benefits from Early UAV Adoption

While drones are still not quite the norm in the construction industry, early adopters are reaping massive benefits by augmenting their services with UAV systems and the high-quality solutions they...
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Learn How Crafton Tull Employed UAVs to Map a 7 mile Corridor

Read the article from Inside Unmanned Systems that explains how Crafton Tull employed both the mdLiDAR1000 and mdMapper1000DG, from Microdrones, to map a seven-mile corridor and save a customer more...
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Working with UAVs at Microdrones is exciting, fun and innovative

One of the best aspects of working at Microdrones is the dynamic team environment. Microdrones is in the business of developing every day, and that’s something that all employees embrace. The...
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Microdrones Discusses Integrated UAV Solutions in the Drone Industry

Watch the Marketing Team from Microdrones on Marketscale Mornings, as they discuss the drone industry from the structure of the market to exciting new applications, specifically talking about...
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Take a Tour of the Microdrones Siegen Facility

During GeoDays 2019 customers and geospatial experts had the opportunity to learn how to make drones a part of their Surveying, Mapping, LiDAR and inspection work. In addition, the Microdrones team...
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UAV Integrated Systems Success Stories video by Microdrones

Success for Microdrones is contingent upon the success of our end users. Therefore, it’s important to communicate the applications, deliverables and success stories that our customers experience....
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The Sacramento District of the USACE adds Microdrones UAS into their workflow

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Sacramento District’s aviation team demonstrated their mdMapper1000DG at New Hogan Lake, California. The new Microdrones Integrated System offers advanced mapping,...
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Learn about using UAVs in Surveying, Inspecting, and Mapping in new Microdrones GeoDays Video

Microdrones hosted their very first GeoDays June 12th through the 14th at our German location in Siegen, to demonstrate how our integrated systems can be used for Surveying, Inspections and Mapping....
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Microdrones Welcomes CSI Mapping as a Dealer for UAV forensic mapping.

Microdrones is entering the Crime Scene Investigation business by partnering with CSI Mapping, the leaders in forensic mapping solutions for accident reconstruction, crash scene training and...
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From Drone to Web App Webinar Replay

Two industry leaders join forces in a webinar to show end users how they can easily and accurately integrate drone-collected data for geospatial applications involving GIS. Click here to watch the...
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UAS Video for High Precision Mapping and Surveying Released by Crafton Tull

Be sure to watch the brief video overview of Crafton Tull's Unmanned Aerial Systems for High Precision Mapping and Surveying, which includes the Microdrones mdLiDAR1000.
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Microdrones releases mdCockpit 2019.04 with new Features

The mdCockpit release 2019.04 comes with new features: - Curved flight - Optimized entry point - Automatic hatch angle - Better flight time estimation - Visualize lateral overlap - Improved...
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Learn How Microdrones UAV Inspects Thousands of Kilometers of Pipeline in China

Microdrones Systems have flown over 40,000 km for pipeline inspections in China. The drones fly along the pipelines in a series of stages, with 8 to 10 flights completed every day to inspect 80 to 100...
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Microdrones and ESRI creating UAV and GIS synergy

Read the latest Business Geomatics article that explores how Microdrones and global GIS vendor Esri demonstrate the synergies that are to be found in the close integration of GIS and UAV.
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The Benefits of Using Drone Based LiDAR in Construction

The April/May 2019 edition of Inside Unmanned Systems featured a story, LiDAR: Going Beyond the Photogrammetry. The article examines how drones are changing the way the construction industry manages...
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Drone use in Construction and Mining covered in latest Microdrones World Tour

During the month of May, the team at Microdrones continued their World Tour visiting expos, demonstrations and trade show conferences in the Construction and Mining Industries.
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Creating the Best Drone Marketing Content With Distributors. A Podcast From the Marketing Team at Microdrones.

Creating content that both connects to customers and resonates with distributors is exactly what the Marketing team at Microdrones is doing, using stories from their customers to create marketing...