Precision farming with microdrones.


To ensure the supply of electricity, gas and oil, regular inspections of the installations are imperative. Because of their size and structure, they are often inspected from the air.


Instead of contracting an external firm, the inspections can be carried out with a Microdrones UAV aerial vehicle.

Using the optional Waypoint navigation function the Microdrones-RPAS can inspect the relevant installation autonomously, without the need for navigation instructions from a pilot. The result is a rapid yet thorough inspection.

In the video you can see a 3D inspection of power lines, carried out by a Microdrones md4-1000.

With a Microdrones UAS it is even possible to inspect high voltage power lines and wind turbines. Here the electronics can withstand voltage up to 380kV and are unaffected by magnetic fields.

FURTHER microdrone

  • Oil pipeline inspections
  • Gas pipeline inspections
  • Solar installation inspections
  • Detection of the spread of algae
  • Power line / cable inspections
  • Cooling tower inspections
  • Forestry
  • Critical infrastructure inspections




  • Wind turbine inspections
  • Bridge inspections
  • Counting of animal populations
  • Train line inspections
  • Monument inspections
  • Radiation measurement
  • Radiation monitoring