Mapping zones / areas etc. are an important part of Geographic Information Systems, and one which is simplified primarily by the use of microdrones. 


Compared to conventional aircraft, using a microdrone to carry out such mapping tasks is much easier and more efficient.

Several macros are integrated into the mdCockpit application software, which take away much of the effort in planning a mapping job. Using a particular macro, the flight path over a specific area can be generated automatically, for example. It is also possible to export the route to Google Earth™ to get a better overview of the route.

In the video you can see the ease with which a flight path for a GIS application, for example, can be drawn up with mdCockpit GPS Waypoint.

Using a laser scanner, entire areas can be captured quickly and easily and later processed on computer. Moreover, highly detailed high-resolution landscape photography can be created with professional cameras.

FURTHER microdrones

  • Remote sensing and photogrammetry
  • Surveying & mapping of earthquakes
  • Surveying & mapping of plane crashes
  • Surveying & mapping of storms and hurricanes
  • Tidal mapping
  • Mapping of industrial zones
  • Mapping of excavation sites
  • Surveying & mapping of flooding
  • Surveying & mapping of train crashes
  • Photogrammetry
  • Mapping of the spread of algae
  • Forestry surveying
  • Mapping of Vegetation

  • Precision agriculture
  • Surveying & mapping of landslides
  • Surveying & mapping of tsunamis
  • Agriculture - GIS applications
  • Arctic research - surveying
  • Geophysical mapping
  • Mapping of coastal areas
  • Surveying & mapping of catastrophes
  • Surveying & mapping of mudslides
  • Surveying & mapping of volcanic eruptions
  • Agriculture – mapping plant growth
  • Mapping shifts in sandbars 
  • Mapping sandbar measurements