With large gatherings and protests, or even when monitoring individuals, it is often difficult to maintain an overview. Microdrones can be a useful instrument here, allowing the situation to be viewed from on high.


A serious disadvantage of helicopters and planes in surveillance work is the high level of noise which they emit.

The highly efficient electric motors developed specially for the UAV Microdrones allows for discrete and almost silent surveillance. The mdCockpit software enables a direct data transfer to the mdBaseStation, so the surveillance operation can be coordinated in real time.

In the video you can see the md4-1000 Microdrones carrying a »Miricle 110KS IR« camera. The outside temperature is ca. -10°C. 

The option of specifying colours on Microdrones UAVs means the aerial platform can be ordered in camouflage colours, minimising the risk of being sighted. Alongside conventional video cameras, there is the possibility of using a thermal camera payload, so that living beings, for example, can be more easily detected in darkness or in dense vegetation.

FURTHER microdrones-

  • Operations against looters
  • Coastal surveillance
  • Surveillance of large events
  • Deployment against human trafficking – monitoring & surveillance
  • Protection of cultural heritage against plunderers
  • Protection against illegal mining 
  • Traffic surveillance
  • Countering smuggling 
  • Surveillance of sporting facilities 
  • Surveillance of dikes
  • Monitoring earthquakes
  • Monitoring storms & hurricanes
  • Volcanic eruptions – tracking ash clouds
  • Operations against poachers
  • Photography for preserving evidence
  • Countering drugs
  • Surveillance of illegal activities
  • Countering illegal drug cultivation
  • Monitoring illegal ventilation of ship bilges
  • Surveillance of public events 
  • Criminal prosecutions in cities
  • Surveillance of fisheries
  • Monitoring of flooding
  • Monitoring volcanic eruptions
  • Surveillance of farming work 
  • Monitoring of glaciers




  • Anti-terror operations
  • Monitoring of critical infrastructure
  • Surveillance of hostile demonstrations
  • Protection against illegal excavations
  • Surveillance at international summit meetings
  • Surveillance of maritime traffic 
  • Surveillance at pop concerts 
  • Monitoring of catastrophes
  • Monitoring of tsunami
  • Nuclear accidents – surveillance
  • Nuclear accidents – monitoring of contamination
  • Nuclear accidents – monitoring
  • Traffic surveillance
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Monitoring of icebergs
  • Border surveillance
  • Anti-piracy operations
  • Surveillance of illegal immigrants
  • Forestry – monitoring tree growth
  • Perimeter surveillance
  • Forestry – monitoring tree diseases
  • Police-related activities
  • Search for missing persons
  • Road traffic surveillance
  • Surveillance of forestry work