In search and rescue operations every second counts. In order to function as efficiently as possible, it is important to be able to obtain a rapid overview of the situation … the type of view that is often only possible from the sky.

Disaster Monitoring with Quadrocopters

While planes and helicopters require some time to be ready for deployment, a microdrone UAS can be put into action immediately, without any loss of time.

Their carbon fibre housing allows our drones to operate successfully under testing conditions such as rain or snow and at extreme temperatures, as in the case of fires. With data transfer to the mdBaseStation taking place in real time, it is no longer necessary for firefighters or other support personnel to enter the danger zone in order to analyse the situation. The microdrones UAV can now fulfill this role.

In the video you can see how microdrones can assist in a search and rescue operation.

The modular payload system allows various devices to be attached to the microdrone. Using a gas measurement device, for example, the smoke composition of a fire can be communicated, so that fire fighting teams are aware of it. A thermal image camera can assist in searches for missing persons, by identifying people in forests, fields, etc.


  • Search & rescue in terrorist attacks
  • Emergency communication network (incl. relays)
  • Monitoring of catastrophes
  • Monitoring of landslides
  • Monitoring of tsunamis
  • Nuclear accidents – Tracking
  • Monitoring of natural disasters
  • Fire scene inspections
  • Nuclear accidents – surveillance
  • Monitoring of ship collisions
  • Monitoring of volcanic eruptions
  • Searches for missing persons



  • Fire scene examinations
  • Forest firefighting (detection / monitoring / support)
  • Monitoring of flooding
  • Monitoring of storms and hurricanes
  • Nuclear accidents – monitoring
  • Searches for avalanche survivors
  • Search and rescue at sea
  • Monitoring of plane crashes
  • Monitoring of train crashes
  • Nuclear accidents – measuring contamination
  • Post-disaster relief operations