Since 2013 Microdrones takes all systems to the next level of applications for unmanned micro aerial systems which is the use of a Microdrones UAV as an »Unmanned Cargo System«.

Safe, fast, environmental friendly and price efficient transportation of goods

With a dedicated team of aircraft engineers and logistics experts we are focusing on building the industry standards for delivering parcels around the globe in a future of safe, fast and environmental friendly transportation of goods involving a friction of the cost compared to former standards.

Based on GPS-Waypoint-Navigation our Parcelcopters are already today delivering urgent medicines and other goods to remote and hard to reach areas such as in the mountains or over the sea and above rivers and lakes. 

The market leading international logistics concern DHL has used a Microdrones md4-1000 for the first time to deliver a parcel. In a successful test flight at DHL’s headquarters, the »parcelcopter« undertook a delivery from a pharmacy on the opposite side of the Rhine to concern headquarters in Bonn’s Rheinaue district.

Plans to deploy a Parcelcopter in everyday delivery operations are still in an early phase; however it is technologically possible today. Especially in the mega cities like New York or Tokio one will have no other chance in future than to open more »layers« for mobility as well as for logistics.

Deutsche Post DHL’s parcelcopter project has entered its next phase, with Microdrones’ special copter going into regular service from the town of Norden in North Germany to the North Sea island of Juist. More than twelve kilometres will be covered autonomously by the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) without any intervention of a pilot.

With 2.6 kg in weight, the md4-1000 remains in the air for up to 45 minutes and reach a top speed of 50 km per hour. md4-3000 will push these limits as well as many more diversified concepts which we are working on.

Together with our partners we are continuously investing in further research and development work on new unmanned cargo technologies and methods to improve the logistic of tomorrow.

Give Wings to your Internet of Things!

  • Fast, safe and cost effective deliveries to remote, hazardous or hard to reach areas
  • Relief shipments or medicines more quickly on-site
  • Autonomous logistics within your corporate structures or facilities (Micro logistics)
  • Flexible UAV Transportation Network or Logistics-Swarm for last mile delivery
  • Optimizing your Supply chain network in all directions