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About the distributor program

The microdrones distributor program exists for many years and continues to grow with the objective of transferring proven processes for local training and seminars to future microdrones distributors. It is complemented by full professional sales support and assistance with marketing and planning. You will benefit from the most experienced UAV manufacturer in Germany in its class, which has successfully established itself on the worldwide market over the last decade. 

microdrones: successful teams

microdrones is a team of experienced experts and engineers in technology and development, sales and marketing, service and worldwide logistics. The management team in particular has proven itself over decades in aeronautical engineering, gaining invaluable know-how in the process. Read more about the benefits of being part of the microdrones distributor network.



Benefit in sales

microdrones actively supports its distributors throughout the entire sales process: leads are referred directly to the distributor, technical queries are dealt with and presentations and demos are supplied where possible. You also can take advantage of microdrones’ myDrone concept, which delivers customized solutions for customers based on the microdrones md4-1000 or microdrones md4-200 without any technical complications. You also can benefit from the three distinct stages of microdrones’ partner strategy, selecting the one which suits you best.

Benefit in marketing

Become part of a strong, worldwide UAV network and benefit from a reliable partner at your side. Capitalize on the possibilities presented by microdrones, above all in PR & communications, e.g. online, print, TV, radio and media relations of many other kinds. Use the materials provided free of charge by microdrones: advertising, press releases and other templates. As a distributor you are free to make use of microdrones’ manufacturing and documentation expertise. Futhermore, microdrones distributors are listed on the microdrones website and you benefit from increasing daily traffic to the site, automatically raising your profile in your region. 

Benefit from microdrones’ research and development

Make the right decision and get started with microdrones. Benefit from the most technologically advanced UAV/UAS vehicle in its class. Take advantage of microdrones’ intelligent developments and make sure you are technically at the cutting edge: microdrones constantly keeps its distributors abreast of new technical developments or upcoming features. Benefit from one of the leaders in the UAV-/UAS sector. 

Benefit from service & technical support

As a microdrones distributor, you enjoy direct contact with UAV/UAS experts, whenever you need support. Benefit from our highly trained personnel, who will make sure you are in good hands.



Many UAV/UAS systems consist of large numbers of components, often making maintenance difficult and above all costly in terms of time. Aside from the ball bearings in the motors, there are no other moving parts in a microdrone. The microdrones aerial vehicles consist of a very robust carbon fibre monoframe which is completely sealed.


microdrones motors have been developed in close and intensive cooperation with Plettenberg. Today Plettenberg manufactures the motors for microdrones’ aerial vehicles on behalf of microdrones. The company also produces motors for other applications. In terms of reliability, there are considerable differences to other UAV/UAS systems around the world. The md4-1000’s motor is classified as »long-life«, with more than 96,000 hours (ball bearings) operating capability.


Many other UAV/UAS systems use only a single »Internal Measurement Unit« (IMU) based on a 32-Bit microcontroller. Once again microdrones leads the way: microdrones aerial vehicles are fitted out with two different boards – a navigation controller and a flight controller, each with 32-Bit microcontrollers. microdrones also features a very comprehensive flight data recorder which shows the parameters of each flight on a SD card.


GPS and mdCockpit

The accuracy of GPS can differ significantly, so microdrones makes use of a closely coupled system which ensures very good results. The accuracy of the »Position Hold« feature on microdrones aerial vehicles is much superior to those offered elsewhere on the market. 

Furthermore, microdrones offers a complete waypoint navigation integrated in the automatic pilot mode. Similar claims are sometimes made by competitors, but it can safely be said that currently no other supplier on the market offers a software solution as comprehensive as the microdrones' one. 

In addition, microdrones features flight analysis for post-flight evaluation, as well as providing additional »audio feedback« for customers. Important flight and system information is communicated to the pilot instantly via audio.

Among many other features, the 3D flight path developed by microdrones also can be used for post-flight evaluation – within the mdCockpit software as well as with the aid of GoogleEarth. With the possibilities to deliver geo-referenced imagery, in particular through the use of the Auto-Code (GIS grid) feature, microdrones aerial vehicles are ideal for mapping / GIS applications.