microdrones reseller programme: UAV distribution worldwide.


Be part of the Microdrones success story. In line with the rising popularity of Microdrones hardware and software, we are constantly expanding our distribution network. We have three distinct reseller


You are very well connected with regional companies around the world and you wish to expand your sphere of business with minimal investment? Welcome to the Microdrones sales agent program.


Alongside your network, it would be advantageous for you to have at least basic experience of Microdrones aerial vehicles. You will be provided with training on site at Microdrones in Germany.


You are well connected in your region? You want to extend the scope of your firm and are prepared to invest? Welcome to Microdrones authorised reseller program.


Having invested in your own Microdrones system for future customer demonstrations, you will be provided with intensive training on site at Microdrones in Germany. As well as training in secure and routine running of Microdrones aerial vehicles, Microdrones will demonstrate how minor technical customer problems can be solved. 

You will become an active partner in your regional UAV/UAS communities and develop strong customer relationships. With Microdrones you always have a strong partner at your side, supporting you in achieving your goals.


Are you well connected in your region? You are prepared to set up a new organisation and are willing to make a sizeable investment? Become a Microdrones Alliance Partner and enjoy the benefits of exclusivity.


You are not investing simply in a demonstration flight system from Microdrones but are becoming a significant part of Microdrone’s global operation. You are investing in regional exclusivity for your area, developing a local technical facility and at the same time becoming a permanent part of Microdrones’ research and development programme. Find out more in a personal meeting with us and learn about the unique possibilities we can offer you. 


Agnes Jung-Divéky
(Sales Manager)

Fon: +49 271-770038-0
Fax: +49 271-770038-11

If you have any queries or are interested in becoming a distributor, get in touch with us using the following contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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