microdrones PROFILE

microdrones GmbH was founded in October 2005. The team had worked on the development of numerous different types of aerial vehicles for many years before the foundation. Combining these skills and competencies is our formula for success. 

Our company objective is to develop and manufacture aerial vehicles based on VTOL MAV (VTOL = Vertical Take Off and Landing, MAV = Micro Aerial Vehicle) in the sub-25kg class. The first product we manufactured, the microdrones md4-200, was launched  in April 2006. Over 250 units were sold within a short time. In 2010 the microdrones md4-1000 joined the family, and it immediately set new standards, too.

In its first year alone, over 100 units were sold worldwide. With future products many further demanding solutions are being offered. The microdrones md4-1000 is the latest UAV from microdrones, and has definitively already set new standards with outstanding characteristics such as flight time of up to 90 minutes (using a special high endurance configuration) with a payload of up to 1.2kg.

DIN EN ISO 9001:2008

Exacting quality standards are a given at microdrones GmbH. We demand this not only in the proven craftsmanship of our employees, but also in our products and processes. Our goal here is to achieve maximum customer satisfaction with our products and guarantee trouble-free performance. For many years the TÜV Nord has audited the high quality standards at microdrones GmbH.

The DIN EN ISO 9001 certification attests the company's adherence to standards in the areas of development, production, service and sales of aerial vehicles as well as complementary technical systems and modules. We always point out to our customers that we keep to this high standards: for this reason all microdrones products carry the quality symbol »Made in Germany«.


Key numbers:

  • Employees in Germany: 25
  • Employees worldwide: over 100 staff employed
  • Sales of md4-200 aerial vehicles: over 800 since 2006
  • Sales of md4-1000 aerial vehicles: over 250 since 2010

Two important facts:

  • microdrones founders have been involved in aeronautical engineering since 1994
  • microdrones aerial vehicles are the most technologically advanced in the »UAV VTOL sub-25kg« class


microdrones corporate strategy 

The principles of microdrones GmbH are based on a number of strong values and principles. All based on people, who concentrate on our customers´ goals and commit wholeheartedly to it – VTOL UAV aviation.

At microdrones our engineers develop the world’s most technologically advanced VTOL UAV solutions in their class. microdrones challenges its employees every day regarding to new product lines, general enhancements, more efficient production processes or service delivery.

Expanding the distributor network

Beside the microdrones corporate strategy, it is equally important for the company to continually expand its regional distributor network. As a result the company is always open to approaches from potential distributors. Feel free to contact microdrones to discuss a cooperation. Our company is always open to approaches from potential distributors.”




microdrones lives to its values.

Trust in doing business. microdrones relies on a working environment, where open communication prevails and where colleagues feel free to exchange ideas, information and innovation.

Improving results. The microdrones team has set itself the goal of doing its work a little better each day.

Every day.

Achieving more, together. At microdrones an atmosphere of mutual respect prevails among colleagues at all times. Every employee is valued for his or her individual qualities.

Living relationships. For microdrones it is important that relationships are lived actively and fairly. It is of secondary importance whether it is an internal relationship among colleagues or an external relationship with business partners.