5 Ways Drone LiDAR Can Save Time & Money

LiDAR is a technology that has been around for a while, and the demand for its application is booming especially in industries such as surveying, engineering, inspection, mining, and construction. Integrating LiDAR with drone technology is creating new possibilities and allowing teams to safely complete more projects in a fraction of the time, without sacrificing data quality.

Is your Surveying business ready to take to the sky but you still have some questions about the technology and resources needed to launch? Microdrones has streamlined the entire process of operating our mdLiDAR integrated systems and we’re happy to help you select the right solution. Here’s a video that highlights the Top 5 Ways Drone LiDAR Can Save Time and Money for your business.



The Top 5 Ways Drone LiDAR can Save You Time and Money

1. DRONE LIDAR CAN INCREASE YOUR PROFITS. Drone Lidar allows you to cover much more ground than traditional surveying methods. Convert that time saved in the field into more projects and more business for your bottom line.

2. DRONE LIDAR IS GREAT IN HEAVY VEGETATION.  One of the main benefits of drone LiDAR is that you can make vegetation disappear with the click of a button and start completing topos much safer and efficiently! Go from the field to a finished surface in the same day.

3. WORK MORE SAFELY IN HARD-TO-ACCESS AREAS. Need to survey mountainous terrain or other areas that are difficult and dangerous to access by foot? Drone LiDAR eliminates the risk and safely captures the data from the air, keeping you and your team out of harm’s way.

4. DRONE LIDAR QUICKLY PRODUCES HIGH-QUALITY DATA. Not only will you cover more ground with drone LiDAR, but you’ll also capture much more high-quality data than conventional methods to produce a more accurate point cloud and surface model.  

5. DRONE LIDAR IS MORE AFFORDABLE THAN EVER.  With other kinds of aerial LiDAR, such as helicopters or planes, costs can soar. Drone LiDAR is much more affordable and with programs like Microdrones as a service, you can maximize your cashflow with small monthly payments instead of large, up front capital expenses.

Is it time to make drone LiDAR a part of your surveying business?  Just talk with one of our sales experts today to learn how you can save time and money by using drone LiDAR.