7 Reasons Microdrones is a Company to Watch

Microdrones is growing. We are currently hiring 12 positions in Siegen and more in Quebec. Are you interested in joining us? Are you looking for adventure? We hope you’ll apply! 

Below are 7 reasons Microdrones is a company to watch in the explosive commercial drone industry. All of these are great reasons to consider working for Microdrones:

  1. We are established.
    If you’re interested in breaking into the emerging drone industry, Microdrones is a safe bet. In a market where companies quickly come and go, Microdrones has longevity that few other companies can boast. We’ve been around for more than a decade. Plus, we have more than 80 employees around the world and we’re growing.
  2. We’re growing.
    In addition to the longevity, we also have forward momentum. Aside from the positions we’re currently hiring, our network of dealers is also quickly expanding. More and more companies throughout the world are signing on to sell Microdrones systems. Just in the past few weeks, we’ve announced the addition of NEIMartin Instrument, and SITECH South. These sellers know our target customer well and are excited about the value our systems provide for end users like surveyors, engineers, construction pros, mining managers, inspection engineers, and agronomists.
  3. We’re global.
    We have offices in Siegen, Germany; Vaudreuil, Quebec; Rome, New York. We also have employees in many other locations. If you’re invigorated by the idea of working for a fast-paced international company that continues to operate while you sleep, Microdrones is the place for you. (And if you enjoy travel, you may have many opportunities, depending on your position!)  
  4. We have vision – and we care.
    Check out our Vision and mdCares pages to learn more about how we are redefining the future of industries and making the world a better place.   
  5. We’re true pioneers of the commercial drone industry.
    Our founder, Udo Juerss, developed the world’s first commercial quadcopter in his basement. Our president, Vivien Hériard Dubreuil, led the company in our quest to innovate complete solutions for commercial applications. We’re the world leader in aerial mapping and we continue to forge new frontiers in the industrial drone market. Read here to learn more about our history.
  6. We’re connected.
    Last November, we forged partnerships with Trimble and Delair-Tech. Trimble is the world leader in geospatial equipment distribution and we are now their preferred provider of quadcopter UAS.We joined forces with Delair-Tech, the industry leader in fixed wing mapping systems, to develop a complete commercial line of UAV mapping systems that can be used for any application.
    Partners like these add to the incredible strength of our company. 
  7. We employ the world’s best team.
    All of these successes are made possible by the world’s greatest team. Our employees are unmatched in dedication and innovation. Beyond the passion of the 80+ people who work for Microdrones, our partners lead their industries. Together, we are marching into a future as the world leader in commercial UAS for mapping.

We hope you’ll join us on this great adventure!