A Special Offer From Microdrones

Do you need the complete package for drone LiDAR including the hardware and software solutions?

Microdrones is pleased to present a special opportunity for any Microdrones as a Service purchase (Buy-it or Rent-it) now through December 15th, 2021.

Try the mdInfinity Explorer LiDAR Pro Plan

for one month FREE (Value $2420 USD) 

with the purchase of these Microdrones LiDAR systems:

the mdLiDAR1000HR, the mdLiDAR1000LR, or the mdLiDAR3000.

This package includes data processing of 200 minutes of collected data and 560 million points, with complete access to the following mdInfinity data processing modules: Trajectory Processing, Georeferencing, Strip Adjustment, and Precision Enhancement.

This special offer gives you the opportunity to discover the benefits of processing LiDAR data in mdInfinity at no additional cost and makes it easy to get started with everything needed to use drones for complex surveying work.

The Explorer package is part of new mdInfinity pricing updates that provide more flexibility for drone surveying data processing. Explorer joins the mdInfinity options to pay per project or to choose unlimited use.

If you’re ready to get started with the Special Offer to get everything you need to do drone surveying the right way, CLICK HERE, to schedule a meeting with one of our friendly representatives. 

This offer ends on December 15, 2021. License to be activated upon completion of end user training.

CLICK HERE to download our Special Offer Flyer.