Ask the Experts: How much do Microdrones aircraft and systems weigh?

Question:  How much do Microdrones UAV / UAS weigh?

Answer:  All of our drones are classified as small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The United States’ Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), defines small UAVs as unmanned aircraft weighing less than 55 pounds (or 25 kilograms).

The distinction of small UAV is important because the FAA’s Part 107 regulations permit the commercial use of small UAVs during the day, below 400 feet, and within the visual line of sight.   

Below are the weights of each Microdrones aircraft and our most popular solutions:

md4-200 = 800 grams / 1.76 pounds
md4-1000 = 2,650 grams / 5.8 pounds
md4-3000 = 10,400 grams / 23 pounds

mdMapper200 = 1,200 grams / 2.65 pounds
mdMapper1000 = 5,200 grams / 11.5 pounds
mdMapper1000DG = 5,400 grams / 11.9 pounds

All of our aircraft and systems have carbon fiber bodies and are designed to be lightweight and easy-to-transport but tough, stable, and weather-resistant. To learn more, e-mail 

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