Building on The Cornerstone: Microdrones participates in the Annual General Meeting of the Association of Ontario Land Surveyors

Sebastien Long, Sales Manager for Microdrones in Canada, attended the 126th Annual General Meeting of the Association of Ontario Land Surveyors this week. Held in scenic Niagara Falls, the theme for this year’s event was “Building on the Cornerstone.”

As explained by the AOLS event organizers, “It seems that life itself is moving faster than ever. Technology is improving faster than ever. Change is occurring faster than ever. Therefore, in order to keep up, we must keep building on the success of our past!”

Building successful technology on proven principles is a steadfast principle at Microdrones. It’s why the company puts emphasis on participating in important geospatial industry events. Not to mention the fact that it’s a good way to meet and talk with the surveying pros who are out there in the field every day.


Microdrones Sales Manager for Canada, Sebastien Long, stands at the ready before the AOLS event opened on Wednesday morning.

At the Microdrones display, a fully integrated mdMapper1000DG system drew the attention of attendees, prospects and the press. They were curious about how direct georeferencing works and what kind of accuracy it can get. Joining Sebastien Long at the Microdrones booth was Harsil Jani, who handles product support at Applanix. (The Applanix APX-15 is integrated into the mdMapper1000DG system, and provides direct georeferencing capability.)

Harsil Jani, Product Support Analyst at Applanix Corp. Applanix developed the APX-15, which gives the Microdrones mdMapper1000DG its direct georeferencing capability.

There was much buzz at the booth about the new mdLiDAR1000 system, which was demonstrated last month at the ILMF ASPRS conference in Denver, Colorado. Long explained that, “Prospects have seen the simple, intuitive workflow online: plan, fly, process, visualize- when they understand how this works, and how Microdrones has simplified a complex process, they are eager to learn more.”  (For those of you who want to see the workflow in action, we’ve created this quick video blog demo. )

An interesting trend that Long heard discussed at the event is that not enough young people are getting into surveying, explaining, “Right now, it’s an aging workforce. The demand for geospatial services continues to grow. That means that there is big opportunity for those who enter surveying professions. I can’t help but think that some of the technology that Microdrones is developing will help bring some more energy into the next generation of surveyors… although the older guys really seem to grab onto it as well!”

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