Methane Gas Detection With a Drone


Learn how to take the risk and guesswork out of methane detection while saving time and money using one of the best UAV gas detection systems on the market.

In this webinar replay, Johnan Wictor, from Pergam Technical Services takes an in depth look at the Pergam Laser Methane Mini and review how it’s designed to remotely detect methane.

Then, Ross Kenney, from Navigation Electronics, will cover the presentation of the Microdrones mdTector1000CH4 aaS, to help you learn how UAV methane gas detection can uncover gas leaks more safely and efficiently.

In this webinar we will cover:

  • An in depth introduction and overview of the Laser Methane mini NE
  • Review the anatomy of the Laser Methane mini NE
  • Overview of the mdTector1000CH4 aaS with benefits, workflow, mdCockpit, heat maps and deliverables
  • Current regulations, compliance & acceptance of methane detection technology

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We look forward to showing you how Microdrones takes the risk and guesswork out of methane detection.