Drone LiDAR Strip Adjustment Now Available to Process Your Data

mdInfinity Cloud 2021.3 and Desktop 2021.2 UPDATES

Microdrones is pleased to announce the next updates to mdInfinity Cloud with version 2021.3 and mdInfinity Desktop 2021.2. mdInfinity is our unique data processing software solution that is packaged with either the purchase or rental of drone survey equipment from Microdrones to help you quickly and efficiently process geospatial data.

mdInfinity Cloud is a flexible cloud-based software that will enable you to access, process and archive your geospatial data, wherever you have an Internet connection. Complete Trajectory Processing, Georeferencing, and Boresight Calibration with convenient payment options.

In the video below, the Microdrones team gives you an overview of the new updates. You can also read the summary below.


 This video combines 2 updates for mdInfinity Cloud and Desketop 

Strip Adjustment

The new strip adjustment module removes the residual relative misalignments that could exist between survey lines and the absolute misalignment that could exist between survey lines and a reference point cloud. 

The mdInfinity strip adjustment method offers numerous options to improve the consistency between lines. Using an advanced optimization engine and a smart tie point selector, position and angles of the drone are adjusted through time in order to get a perfect matching of the data. A separate module enables the user to achieve the absolute point cloud registration to GCP, as defined by the user.

  • Input LiDAR raw data and trajectory
  • Relative adjustment of the point cloud without a reference line
  • Absolute adjustment of the point cloud with a reference line
  • Save your data and processing task results in your project
  • Export a corrected trajectory file (SBET)
  • Export a corrected georeferenced point cloud in your expected Coordinate Reference System


Support 110° FOV for mdLiDAR3000

Support of new Coordinate Reference System

NAD83 / US State Plane – Texas

NAD83 / Lambert Conformal Conic County – Minnesota