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Drones for Professional Use: The Basics

Mike Dziok

UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), commonly referred to as drones, are aircraft that operate without a human pilot on board. These vehicles were originally created by the military for situations that were too dangerous, or ill-suited, for humans. Today, they are used for professional civilian jobs that would be difficult, dangerous or dirty to do by conventional methods.

Since their inception, drones have progressed rapidly into a variety of sectors and industries, including delivery, mapping, and precision agriculture. Organizations are deploying this technology to reduce costs and ensure quality results.

The majority of drones currently on the marketplace are quadcopters. A quadcopter uses 4 rotors working in tandem to achieve maximum stability and boost. The first commercial quadcopter was created by Microdrones founder Udo Jeurrs. After a local newspaper ran a story about his “UFO”, things began to take off. Dozens of people and businesses made phone calls to Udo inquiring about the technology, and he soon realized the massive potential the quadcopter had to change the market. Check out the Microdrones story here.

What are the biggest benefits of Microdrones UAVs?

What does the future look like and how will your company participate?

The number of commercial use cases for drones is expanding. As more businesses adopt the technology for competitive advantage, their challengers will have to do the same.

Making an investment in this new technology for commercial applications requires a dedicated partner who has the experience and longevity to properly provide service for years to come.

If you want to consider whether drones might be right for your business, give this article a quick read. If you are interested in talking about the aerial surveying, mapping and inspection solutions we are offering at Microdrones, please contact us here.