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How to Process & Visualize Data with Drone Based Lidar Webinar Replay

In this informative webinar you’ll learn how you can collect data efficiently and safely while cutting costs, saving time, and creating powerful data deliverables like 3D point clouds.

During this webinar we’ll demonstrate how to convert data collected from a LiDAR mission into a point cloud comprised of over 6 million points, which will be used to create highly accurate digital surface models and contours.  Watch the entire process, in this webinar, and see how you can start saving time and money by adding drone-based LiDAR to your workflow.

In this half-hour webinar we will cover:

  • The components of UAV LiDAR
  • Evaluate the benefits of drone-based LiDAR
  • How to create a point cloud with a visual data demonstration.
  • Invitation to Special Offer for attendees only

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About the Hosts:

Rick Rayhel

Rick Rayhel is the Microdrones Sales Manager for the Western United States and has extensive experience in technology sales, including UAV, communications, and cybersecurity. Rick has been with Microdrones for over 2 years helping clients successfully implement UAV solutions into their organization.

Rick resides in Eugene, Oregon located in the heart of the Pacific Northwest. He can be found enjoying the beautiful landscape with his wife and two daughters.


Matt Rosenbalm

Matt Rosenbalm is the Microdrones Sales Manager for the Southern United States and has extensive experience in the geomatics and construction markets, specifically in drone sales and operations.

Prior to Microdrones, Matt was employed in geospatial distribution, where he helped develop an emerging drone market to provide commercial UAV surveying and mapping solutions for customers throughout Georgia, Alabama and Florida.

Today Matt is instrumental in growing the adoption and implementation of drones for surveying and mapping. He makes difficult concepts easy to understand for distributors and end users across markets and geographies.