Microdrones Around the World: A Week of Many Travels

Microdrones is known for logging a high number of sky miles, but the past seven days saw even more flights than usual. It was a week of many travels around the world for the Microdrones team! Here’s where we were:


Chuck Dorgan, Mike Dziok, Rick Rayhel, Elena Rodriguez, Dr. Mohamed Mostafa, Mike Hogan, and Vivien Heriard Dubreuil attended UAVSI XPONENTIAL in Dallas, Texas. From our booth at XPONENTIAL they celebrated a year of success and announced that Dr. Mostafa was joining the Microdrones team as our Director of mdSolutions. Read more about it here.

Australia:  Demos for Trimble Dealers

Phil Kern, and Falk Loewe are down under for two weeks, demonstrating our systems for Trimble and SITECH dealers in Australia! Many dealers have signed on in the last few weeks to sell Microdrones mdMapper systems and accessories.

Rimouski, Quebec:  CIDCO Symposium

Stéfanie Van-Wierts and Sebastien Long attended the CIDCO Symposium, hosted by the Interdisciplinary Center for the Development of Ocean Mapping in Rimouski, Quebec. There, they showed off our upcoming LiDAR system. Want a preview of mdMapper +LiDAR? Check out this video.

Lindau, Germany:  International 3D Forum

Samuel Flick attended the 16th International 3D Forum in Lindau, Germany with our Trimble partner Allterra Deutschland. This was a great event packed with surveying, construction, geospatial, and inspection professionals who can benefit from using our mdMapper solutions to produce 3D models.

Louisiana: Flight Training

Brad Booth was in Louisiana training the Louisiana Military Department on their new Microdrones mdMapper system. The Louisiana Military Department is a customer of one of our Trimble dealers, NEI.

Spain: Trimble Express Road Shows

Audrey Pann and Mirjam Braas represented Microdrones with our partner, Geotronics, at Trimble Express Road Shows in Spain. Two more of these shows will be held in Spain this month.

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