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Microdrones Launches Global Event Tour

Rome, NY- In 2019, Microdrones has launched a global events initiative targeting local, regional and more intimate conferences and events in an effort to expand their support network and target new prospects. Microdrones sales professionals will be in attendance, in conjunction with established regional distributors, to provide detailed product support and information.

The Events World Tour kicked off in January with professional surveying events in South Dakota and Oregon. Later that month was the first stop in Brühl, Germany for Trimble Express 2019. Other stops in January and February included the DLG Techniker Tagung in Hannover, Germany, the NYSAPLS Annual Conference in Saratoga Springs, NY, USA, the International Lidar Mapping Forum in Co, USA and the CITAC in Monterrey, Mexico. A complete events calendar is available by clicking here.

Mirjam Bäumer, Microdrones Director, Marketing EMEA & New Territories, is helping plan and coordinate the Global Tour. She explains, “By working closely with our distributors, we hope to meet with local and regional industry experts who are responsible for projects that range from corridor mapping to mining, construction site monitoring, forestry, contour mapping, and any other geospatial related work where our integrated solutions can help cut costs, save time, and complete projects more easily.”

Microdrones Sales Director Mike Hogan is excited about this new approach and opportunity to interact with local professionals. He says, “We want to hear from the guys who are on the ground, getting the work done so that we can help create a local impact. Our job actually gets easier when we can learn about their challenges, successes, and goals. It allows for the opportunity to share our solutions and success stories to see if our businesses can complement one another.”  

About Microdrones 

Founded in Germany in 2005, Microdrones developed the world's first commercial quadcopter and the company continues to lead the industry with their professional UAV solutions. 

By pairing robust drones with cutting-edge sensors, Microdrones offers advanced turn-key solutions that make it easy for businesses to start using UAVs for surveying, mapping, construction, inspection, precision agriculture, mining, and other commercial applications. A heritage of quality German engineering, extra-long flight times, resistance to environmental challenges, and technology like direct georeferencing make Microdrones solutions exceptionally safe, efficient, and cost-effective choices for commercial users.

Microdrones serves markets around the globe. To learn more about Microdrones, visit www.microdrones.com.

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