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Microdrones mdTector1000CH4 at 2018 Gas Master Symposium

Matt Rosenbalm, Microdrones sales manager for the southern United States, presented the mdTector1000CH4 today at the 2018 Gas Master Symposium.

The event was held in Destin, Florida where gas industry professionals from throughout the southern U.S. gathered to examine industry challenges and discuss solutions.




To that end, mdTector1000CH4 was a very welcome addition to the presentation lineup; the system enables professionals to inspect pipelines and infrastructure for the presence of methane, which is generally indicative of a leak. 

Because the system operates from above, it can go where it is difficult or dangerous for people to climb by foot, while covering more territory, more efficiently- and most importantly, with a higher degree of safety. 

"Whenever you can help employees get work done more safely and efficiently, it's worth a serious look," explained Rosenbalm, adding, "The Microdrones system is fully integrated and provides both a real-time view of methane hot spots, and post flight visualization on a map."

For those of you who weren't able to attend the symposium, you can get a quick understanding of this unmanned aerial gas detection system by watching the demonstration videos below. 

Overview- learn the main benefits and easy deployment of mdTector1000CH4
Microdrones mdTector1000CH4 makes it easy to see methane leaks both during a flight and post flight.

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