Optron and Microdrones exhibit at Drone Con 2018 in South Africa

Hanno Truter, Microdrones sales manager for Africa, was excited to join OPTRON at Drone Con 2018 this week at the Vodacom World Conference Centre in Midrand, South Africa.

Described as Africa’s largest annual drone conference, the event was a showcase for unmanned aerial technology. Across the continent, drones are being put to work in industries including surveying, mining, agriculture, security, telecommunications, emergency response, and wildlife monitoring.

OPTRON used this opportunity to display and promote their range of Microdrones multi-rotor UAV solutions – including mdLiDAR1000. This fully integrated system empowers geomatics professionals to rapidly acquire data and transform it into pointcloud visualizations via an easy workflow.

During the conference, Henno Morkel, OPTRON UAV Segment Manager, presented on “a Geo-odyssey of UAS LiDAR mapping” which was well received by all in attendance.


Pictured from left to right is; Hanno Truter, Microdrones sales manager for Africa; Henno Morkel, OPTRON UAV segment manager; and Stephan van der Merwe, OPTRON geospatial segment manager.

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