| Hamburg, Germany

Smart Cities and Surveying and Scanners, Oh My! 3 things that excited us at INTERGEO

The Microdrones team recently joined more than 550 exhibitors and 1,500 participants in Hamburg, Germany at INTERGEO, the world’s largest trade fair in the fields of geodesy, spatial data, and land management.

As the pioneer of the commercial quadcopter, our newly released mapping packages and md4-3000 aircraft were certainly stand-outs among the many innovations on display.

Below are comments from a few of the Microdrones participants on what they found interesting and exciting at INTERGEO:

On Smarter Cities

Camilla Bonanni, Microdrones Sales Manager

“At INTERGEO, I spent three days immersed in the latest georeferencing technologies and it was fascinating. I was particularly interested in the trend toward smart cities, a model that combines information and communications technologies to give cities more complete, accurate information to make and implement decisions.

Smart cities will create a better quality of life because leaders will be able to make more informed decisions and use the cities’ resources and services more effectively to better meet citizens’ needs. This impacts everything – law enforcement, schools, hospitals, transportation, waste management, water supplies, power plants – everything. Every city asset. The potential is incredible.”

In the foreground is our popular md4-1000 drone with a custom paint job. In the background is our newly released md4-3000 aircraft.

On UAV Surveying Solutions 

Mike Attig, Microdrones Sales Director EMEA

“INTERGEO was a three-day reminder of what exciting times these are for the drone industry. It is amazing to see the shift from the broad use and development of drones to much more specific, professional applications. The industry is no longer just about vehicles – it’s about vehicles that provide solutions for commercial users.

Some examples that apply best to Microdrones are the developments being made for data capture in the surveying industry. That’s particularly exciting for our company because we recently released advanced mapping packages that perfectly meet the needs of surveyors.

I do see many sub-par solutions in this area. It’s important that surveyors remember that precision requires the highest quality vehicle as well state-of-the-art sensors and software.”

On Laser Scanning Solutions

Mike Hogan, Microdrones Sales Director for the Americas

“I was very impressed by the new Riegl miniVUX-1 for unmanned aerial vehicles. It is a very small and lightweight yet stable laser scanner that provides a 360-degree field of view and multiple target capacity. The wavelength of the laser is perfect for surveying snowy and icy terrain. This sensor would be a great match for our md4-3000 drone combined with Applanix technology.”

The Microdrones booth at INTERGEO. We were excited to meet so many GIS professionals that can benefit from our new UAV mapping packages!