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Taking Charge in the Geospatial Community: Intergeo 2017 Recap

The team from Microdrones was happy to attend Intergeo 2017, the global hub of the geospatial community. While in Berlin, Germany, the Microdrones team showcased its durable, resilient UAV platforms and mdMapper packages. It was an exciting event for us, our dealers and future customers.

Watch the video above, or read the recap of what our team had to say from the show floor.

Microdrones President Vivien Heriard-Dubreuil talks about merging the best aircraft with the best integrated mapping payloads to achieve the best results:

“When I first started my company, I was really focusing on applications, working on payloads and making sure that we provided the right data to the end user. We merged my company with Microdrones last year and now we have the best platform design and sensor integration.”

Dr. Mohamed Mostafa, Director of the mdSolutions team at Microdrones explains the focus of Microdrones product development:

“The payload is designed for professional grade mapping and supporting the end user while doing the job at hand. Microdrones has one of the best payloads around the globe. One of the talents of Microdrones is supporting the end user.”

Mike Attig, Director of Sales for EMEA discusses the differentiation of Microdrones:

“For more than 12 years, Microdrones has been developing state of the art platforms that separate us from the competition. The combination of the mdMapper series is what makes the difference in the market.”

Teaming Up with Trimble in the Geospatial World

Trimble Dealer Manager, Phil Kern explains the importance of joining forces with a fully serviced brand of geospatial products that span across the globe in over 150 countries.

“For the past year and a half it’s made a huge difference as far as customers are concerned because they don’t have to make decisions once they buy a drone… now they buy a complete system that includes a payload for mapping and it makes it much simpler to make purchases.”

He added, “working with Trimble and the Trimble dealers allows us to cover much more of the world with a very dedicated sales force on the dealer side who is very familiar with their customers.”

Sales Director in the US, Chuck Dorgan builds upon Kern’s statement:

“Folks in the US market that are new to Microdrones, obviously in Europe and Asia, we (Microdrones) are very well known in the past 10-15 years, but in the US market we are relatively new so being able to go to my customers and say that we are official UAV provider for Trimble is a big deal.”

With the partnership of Trimble, customers are choosing Microdrones over the competition.

Sales Engineer of Geotronics Slovakia, Matej Oros shares why he and his company are happy to work alongside Microdrones and our systems:


“We decided to be part of this company because we saw a lot of products on the internet and we know more information about Microdrones… we want to be a distributor and we are happy.”


The Sales Team Knows What You’re Looking for

Vivien Heriard Dubreuil explains that it’s not just about drones, it’s about hardware, sensor and software integration: 

“The sales team across the globe understands what the needs are for their region and what products you are searching for to complete the job.” 

Sales Manager for Europe, Jens Lutomski draws from his experience in the geospatial industry to articulate the value of aerial mapping solutions:

“We have the possibility to measure up really, really big areas in a much shorter amount of time.”

Samuel Flick, Sales Manager for Europe adds:

“Customers are looking for drones or solutions to be really accurate.”

What’s New on the Market for Microdrones?

President of Microdrones, Vivien Heriard-Dubreuil describes that being a technology company, we have to be innovative and bring new products to the floor for customers.  Our mdSolutions team has been hard at work creating a LiDAR system for our md4-1000 and the md4-3000 UAVs. 

“It's the power of direct georeferencing, the product line will give geospatial professionals the tools they need to survey, map and create accurately detailed terrain models.”

Dr. Mohamed Mostafa describes the main advantage of LiDAR is obtaining a full ground model of the area you are mapping even if there are excessive trees or vegetation in view:

 “It’s certainly exciting to produce a LiDAR integrated payload to be flown among the line of Microdrones products… it’s exciting to be part of the team that’s creating the solution. The market needs that and the users will leverage that technology for services and applications.”  

From the Marketing Team

Marketing Director, Mike Dziok explains the hard work and planning that goes into every customer relationship from start to finish:

“Technology will come and go, but the important thing about Microdrones is the people that are supporting that technology.  One of the things we pride ourselves on is having a team that helps onboard our customers, get them trained and then we follow through with our dealers to make sure they have all the tools they need to sell our products to the end user.”

“We are a very service oriented company that’s why we are always there for the customer, whatever they need, we will be there,” said Mirjam Braas, Marketing Manager of Europe.

The Focus

Dr. Mohamed Mostafa summarizes the main focus of Microdrones:

“Our specialty and focus is on the niche of ultra-high precision mapping.”

Looking Ahead to Next Year

The Microdrones team looks forward to showcasing our top of the line products next October at Intergeo 2018 in Frankfurt, Germany. In the meantime, if you have questions regarding any of our products contact us today.