What is Microdrones as a Service

Join Microdrones for a special webinar on Everything you need to do drone LiDAR and surveying the right way, with convenient packages and payment options.

Microdrones as a Service is the business model from Microdrones that offers competitive pricing and rental options for high-end bundled drone surveying equipment and software.

Now, you can select plans according to your business needs and anticipated usage, which provide convenient packaging of survey equipment, software, workflow, training, and pay per project or unlimited data post processing.

In order to help businesses better understand the benefits of mdaaS, Microdrones is hosting a Webinar available now On-Demand, appropriately titled What is Microdrones as a Service?

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This presentation will answer questions and explain how the Microdrones as a Service rent-or-own program expands availability, offers flexibility and helps develop growth opportunities as compared to the traditional model of purchasing survey equipment in one lump sum.

In addition, the webinar also reviews the all new GE industrial drone line that was recently introduced by Microdrones. The GE industrial drone line brings together two industrial companies which highly complement one another. GE enters the professional UAV market, a natural extension of its current activities, by working with Microdrones, the industry leader in professional drone survey equipment. As for Microdrones, it has a unique opportunity to benefit from GE’s industrial market expertise, global reach and experience scaling up industrial businesses.

Microdrones CEO, Vivien Heriard-Dubreuil explains, “With an industrial focus, the GE industrial drone line is modular, expandable, upgradeable and simple to use in the production of high-quality geospatial data. This is a win for both GE and Microdrones, and most importantly our mutual customers.”

Drone surveying equipment improves efficiencies, saving time and money, making drones an increasingly valuable tool for a variety of projects. Register for the webinar, “What is Microdrones as a Service,” to find out how Microdrones is providing drone solutions with everything needed to do drone LiDAR and surveying the right way, with convenient pricing and rental options.