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For more than a decade, Microdrones® has been building and perfecting unmanned aerial vehicles. We developed the world’s first commercial quadcopter and our innovation continues to drive the industry.

Our team has created the highest-quality aircraft and integrated the most advanced sensors, accessories, and kits. More important, our solutions are being used to revolutionize the way work is performed.

Microdrones customers use our aircraft for all sorts of applications. Some start with just the aircraft and then we help them customize it to perfectly suit the industrial or research solution they are creating.

Others purchase our aircraft as part of a complete package that includes everything they need to perform applications like land surveying and mapping, corridor mapping, construction, academic research, infrastructure inspection, mining, volumetrics, precision agriculture, surveillance, and so much more.

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Commercial Users Trust Microdrones UAVs

Businesses and institutions all over the globe rely on Microdrones aircraft to cut operating costs and make their work more efficient, safe, and accurate. Here are just a few reasons commercial users trust Microdrones aircraft:

Engineered for Professionals

Building upon a heritage of German engineering, Microdrones UAVs are rugged, reliable and built to withstand rough weather and the rigors of daily use.

Industry-leading flight times

Microdrones UAVs deliver the longest flight times on the market, so you can fly longer and improve your efficiency on the job.

Proven performance

Professionals need to fly with confidence. Our brushless, low-RPM motors work smart, not hard, allowing for exceptional longevity.


It is easy to get started with Microdrones UAVs. They are easy to use and can be operated with very little training.

Application-specific options

We work to understand your needs and we’ve developed an arsenal of solutions to meet them. Direct georeferencing, multi-spectral imaging, inspection accessories with brushless gimbals and video return, LiDAR, high-speed industrial cameras – our customers enjoy the absolute best solutions for their specific applications.

Direct georeferencing (DG) solutions.

Far superior to RTK or PPK, this technology provides significant cost savings to users and enables access when images must be georeferenced in challenging locations. DG enables corridor mapping.

Born in Germany. Used Everywhere on Earth.

Ready to check out some aircraft? The chart below will help you get started. These drones can be purchased alone or as part of complete solutions tailored for specific applications.



  • Competitively priced
  • Compact and lightweight for easier transport
  • Weather-resistant – fly in the rain, stay on schedule
  • Fly up to 25 minutes
  • Easy-to-use for the beginner – learn to fly with less than one hour of training
  • Built to last



  • Our best-selling drone
  • Longest flight times on the market (Real-world flight time up to 45 minutes, depending on payload)
  • Resistant to rough winds, hot temps, harsh weather, high voltage, and strong magnetic fields
  • Easy-to-use for the beginner – learn to fly with less than one hour of training
  • Built to last
  • Direct georeferencing available with this model



  • Carries a payload up to 11 lbs (about 5,000 g)
  • Great for LiDAR sensors, professional mapping grade cameras, and carrying multiple sensors
  • Extra-long flight times up to 45 minutes, depending on payload
  • Performs well at high altitudes
  • Allows you to fly in harsh conditions
  • Cover more ground in less time with a large sensor footprint
  • Easy-to-use for the beginner – learn to fly with less than one hour of training
  • Built to last
  • Direct georeferencing available with this model