Subtle Monitoring With UAVs

Whether you’re monitoring a large event, a protest, or even an individual, Microdrones unmanned aerial vehicles can provide your team with the overview they need to maintain control. Our UAV monitoring systems provide a number of benefits to users focused on public safety and civil security.

Microdrones md4-1000 low front view mdMapper +t for thermal imaging and surveillance


Below are just a few of the advantages Microdrones UAS offer for security operations:

  • Quiet! A serious disadvantage of helicopters and planes in surveillance work is their noise. Specially developed, highly efficient Microdrones motors allow for discrete – almost silent – monitoring.
  • Extra-long flight times mean fewer pauses for battery changes and more monitoring.
  • Easy use. Microdrones UAS are easy to use. No costly, time-consuming training programs are needed. Security pros can usually learn to plan and implement missions in a matter of hours.
  • Real-time monitoring and coordination. The mdCockpit software enables a direct data transfer to the mdBaseStation, so the surveillance operation can be coordinated in real time.
  • Tough in rough weather. Microdrones systems are resistant to harsh weather like wind, rain, snow, heat, and cold. In the video below, our md4-1000 UAV is operating outside while the temperature is ca. -10°C. 
  • Customizable. We offer the option of specifying UAV colors – choose camouflage to improve stealth or your municipality’s logo and/or colors to establish authority.
  • Payload flexibility. Monitoring pros can use a conventional video camera or a thermal camera payload to detect suspects in darkness or dense vegetation.
  • A top-down aerial of an accident site, created with a Micrdrones UAV
  • Aerial view of a large crowd attending a sports event, shot with a Microdrones UAV
  • Aerial view of a rescue training event using a Microdrones UAV for providing a rescuers a better overview on the accident scene
  • Microdrones md4-1000 during a surveillance flight, seen against the night skyline of Frankfurt, Germany

Microdrones – UAV Monitoring Applications

Below are just a few of the monitoring possibilities your team could accomplish with a Microdrones system:

  • Surveillance of large events, festivals, concerts, and sports
  • Traffic surveillance
  • Surveillance of sporting facilities 
  • Photography for preserving evidence
  • Surveillance of illegal activities
  • Countering illegal drug operations
  • Criminal prosecutions in cities
  • Monitoring of flooding
  • Anti-terror operations
  • Monitoring of critical infrastructure
  • Surveillance of hostile demonstrations
  • Deployment against human trafficking – monitoring & surveillance
  • Surveillance of maritime traffic 
  • Monitoring of tsunami
  • Border surveillance
  • Anti-piracy operations
  • Surveillance of illegal immigrants
  • Perimeter surveillance
  • Police-related activities
  • Search for missing persons