Multi-Spectral Imaging. Thermal Mapping. Aerial Inspections. 
And, Soon, Lidar – Accomplish it All With Microdrones.

mdMapper solutions are smart and versatile, just like the people who use them. Add functionality, speed, and flexibility to your mdMapper with these turn-key optional accessory kits:

  • +m – A Micasense Rededge sensor lets you achieve multispectral aerial imaging. This sensor is great for monitoring crop health.
  • +t – A FLIR Vue Pro R thermal mapping sensor lets you detect heat issues from above.
  • +i – Brushless gimbals and other features let you use your mdMapper to perform visual inspections and take oblique imagery.

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Multi-Spectral Imaging

Shed New Light on Crop Health with +m

Agronomists, researchers, and other precision agriculture professionals can gain valuable insight into the vitality of crops with +m. Featuring the acclaimed Micasense Rededge sensor, the multi-spectral power of the +m add‑on allows you to: 

  • Monitor nutrients, moisture levels, and overall vigor
  • Identify and measure crop issues like disease, pest problems, weeds, and water-stress
  • Estimate yields
  • Characterize soil and vegetative cover
  • Use data for predictive analysis

As your UAV flies over a field, +m captures five spectral bands and data is processed into indices tailored for specific agricultural applications. From this data, users can gain a deeper understanding of the condition of crops being analyzed. This non-destructive method allows for quicker, simpler, and more accurate assessment, as compared to traditional surveying methods.



Add value to your services offering with +t, our thermal mapping add-on. Whether you’re providing a solution for farms with persistent irrigation issues or including one more preventive measure into aerial assessments, +t will help ensure thermal issues are identified weeks before they can be detected visually – and long before they cause permanent damage. Help your clients be as efficient as they can be with +t.

The +t add-on features a FLIR Vue Pro R thermal mapping sensor that allows you to:

  • Identify irrigation issues before crops suffer irreparable yield loss
  • Inspect and detect problems with solar panels
  • Identify building heat loss via the roof, etc.
Inspection Add-On

See Things From A New Angle With +i

Turn your mdMapper1000 into a powerful aerial inspection tool with the +i add-on. This system makes it easy to collect data to create accurate three-dimensional models.

With +i, you can:

  • Take images of structures from various angles, thanks to brushless gimbals
  • View what the camera sees in real-time on a 7-inch monitor with tripod
  • Frame images
  • Capture outstanding imagery with a Sony a6300 with controlled zoom lens (16 – 50 mm)

Whether you’re completing infrastructure inspections, planning engineering work, or surveying construction sites, +i will add flexibility.