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mdMapper1000DG integrated system with a Microdrones md4-1000 UAV
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It grows with you

Powerful Accuracy with just 1 – 3 Ground Control Points

Microdrones customers asked for a system that could deliver excellent results with a handful of ground control points. We listened.

mdMapper1000PPK fills an important niche for customers who may not be ready for DG, and are willing to set up 1 – 3 ground control points for their projects.

And when your business, projects or services expand to require DG, this system is easily and affordably upgradeable via a DG READY firmware update.

Microdrones mdMapper1000DG low left view md4-1000

Why Choose mdMapper1000PPK?

This package is all about resilience, convenience, and all-around performance. The md4-1000 UAV can stand up to intense environmental challenges, from strong winds and magnetic fields to high temperatures and voltage. It also boasts the longest flight times on the market.

Improve your efficiency by staying in the air longer. 

mdMapper1000PPK delivers an average flight time of 30 – 45 minutes, depending upon conditions.

Fly in harsh weather conditions and stay on schedule

Strong winds, rain, and snow won’t stop the md4-1000.

Achieve more accuracy in less time. 

Compatible with accessory kits for precision agriculture, inspection, Lidar, and Direct Georeferencing.

What Can You Do with it?

mdMapper1000PPK is a versatile package that can be used for a wide range of applications. 
Some of the most common uses are:

Mapping mission of an agricultural field using a Microdrones md4-1000 UAV
Area Mapping / Surveying
Architect inspecting a construction site with the help of a Microdrones UAV
Surveyors in the field performing a mapping mission using a md4-1000 UAV
Orthophoto of a sawdust pile done with a Microdrones mdMapper integrated system, used for volumetric calculations.
Inspection mission of a gas pipeline using a Microdrones md4-1000 UAV
Precision farming perfomed with a mdMapper integrated sytem from Microdrones
Precision Agriculture
Microdrones mdMapper1000DG low front view md4-1000



icon md4-1000

Robust, powerful, stable and dependable. Build your business on this versatile platform.

icon flight battery and charger
Charger & Flight Battery

One md4-1000 flight battery and charger for maximum flight endurance.

icon rugged drone carrying case
Rugged Carrying Case

Bring your Microdrones UAV to tackle missions in the toughest corners of the Earth.


icon Microdrones remote control

Proven, professional controls and telemetry keep you in control when you need it most.

icon digital data link
Digital Data Link

Conveniently connect your Microdrones UAV to your digital devices.


Icon Camera or sensor payload attached to gimbal
Sony RX1R II & Nadir Mount

42.4 megapixel camera paired with a custom, lightweight, vibration-free, nadir mount to capture the images you need.

Upgradeable to DG - arrow pointing right
icon APX processor
Applanix APX-15 UAV PPK

Compact single-board module with survey grade GNSS receiver. IMU is present, ready for DG when you are ready to upgrade.

Upgradeable to DG - arrow pointing down
icon DG ready
DG Ready

When you are ready to expand, this system will expand with you. mdMapper1000PPK is easily upgradeable via firmware to direct georeferencing.



Direct georeferencing post processing software – used to achieve maximum accuracy and efficiency from data collected by APX-15 UAV PPK.

icon mdCockpit running on tablet
mdCockpit Tablet Software

Simple swipes of the finger help you plan your survey area and monitor progress in flight on your Android tablet.

mdInfinity Software

(Coming Soon)

mdMAPPER1000PPK technical specs:





  • Camera: Sony RX1R II
  • Georeferencing: APX-15 UAV PPK ( Upgradeable to DG)


  • mdCockpit
  • POSPac UAV PPK ( Upgradeable to DG)

Solution Take off Weight (TOW)::

5870 g

System Operation Temperature::

-10 °C to 50 °C

System Accuracy

  • Photogrammetry:
    • Horizontal: 2 – 3 pixels
    • Vertical: 3 – 5 pixels
Flight ParametersArea Covered (@120 m) (1)198 ac (80 ha)
Camera model (2)Sony RX1R II
Imagery formatRAW + JPEG
G.S.D. cm/pixel (@120 m)1.6 cm
G.C.P.Yes: 1 – 3 GCPs, depending on application.
Overlaps (front/side)80% / 40%
Post-Processing   MethodAerial triangulation with high precision positioing
OrientationNo IMU
Accuracy2 – 3 GSD (X,Y) and 3 – 5 GSD (Z)
Advantages  Efficient flight planning – Cover greater areas

(1) Typical project benchmark comparisons based on missions completed in Canada in 2016
(2) The current camera models are listed. These may be replaced by equivalent or better cameras depending on availability from the manufacturer.