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Is there something specific that you are trying to research? A business process that you wish to improve? Help us understand your challenges; we'll work with you to create a solution. 

In addition to custom UAS design and integration, we’ve proven our success over time in the areas of mapping, surveying and precision agriculture.

We offer dependable, time tested systems that deliver mapping results on day one; consider our packaged mdSOLUTIONS.

We can help surveyors more efficiently map land.
We can help agronomists collect data to improve efficiency in farming.
We can help engineers collect information to better prepare a site for construction.
We can help academic researchers find answers they previously could not.

Right now, in addition to expert guidance, the microdrones team will provide you with FREE post processing of your first 60 acres.* NO PURCHASE NECESSARY.

Since 2005, we’ve been developing real UAS ­solutions to real mapping challenges. We’re passionate about what we do and we’re happy to share some knowledge with you... and even some of our server power!

Simply complete the form below and include a relevant question about professional surveying and mapping. We'll get in touch with you to help you take advantage of this free offer. No purchase necessary.

*Images should be provided geotagged with sufficient overlap, and in an RGB color (.tif or .jpg) format. Please contact us prior to your flight if you want further information. microdrones management reserves the right at its sole discretion to refuse this offer if your application is not relevant to commercial surveying/mapping, or if your existing data/photos are incompatible with our capabilities.

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