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When it comes to professional equipment, you don’t want a toy. You want a quality-engineered aircraft that will improve your on-the-job efficiency, withstand harsh environmental conditions, fly longer for more work and less stops, and stand up to daily use.

Featuring our best-selling md4-1000 UAV, the mdMapper1000 package offers key advantages that will give you a competitive edge and take your business to a higher level.

The longest flying time on the market. Impressive stability for highly accurate data collection. Resistance to rough winds, harsh weather, hot temperatures, high voltage, and strong magnetic fields. With the mdMapper1000, you’ll rise to your clients’ toughest challenges every time.


mdMapper1000 is a high-quality UAV package that will allow you to achieve more. This package is about resilience, convenience, and all-round performance. With an mdMapper1000 package, you can:

  • Improve your efficiency by staying in the air longer. The md4-1000 boasts the longest flight times on the market: up to 45 minutes, depending on conditions.
  • Fly in harsh weather conditions and stay on schedule. Strong winds, rain, and snow won’t stop the md4-1000.
  • Achieve more accuracy in less time. Improve the quality of your work while increasing your productivity with this complete aerial solution.


mdMapper1000 is a versatile package that can be used for a wide range of applications.
Some of the most common uses are:

Area Mapping / Surveying
Precision agriculture

What’s included in this package?


Robust, Powerful, Stable and Dependable. Build your business on this versatile platform.

Sony a6300 & Nadir Mount

24 megapixel camera paired with a custom, lightweight, vibration-free, nadir mount to capture the images you need.

Charger & Flight Battery

Smart batteries and charging for maximum flight endurance


This user-friendly flight planning module helps you to prepare and carry out automated flights with your microdrone.
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The mdLA landing assistant drastically reduces the risks that can occur during the landing approach.
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Digital Data Link

Conveniently connect your Microdrones UAV to your digital devices.


Proven, professional controls and telemetry keep you in control when you need it most.

mdCockpit Tablet Software

Simple swipes of the finger help you plan your survey area and monitor progress in flight on your Android tablet.

Rugged Carrying Case

Bring your microdrones UAV to tackle missions in the toughest corners of the Earth.


Become an expert at flying and maintaining your platform, to ensure many years of successful use.

Specs Comparison

mdMapper200 mdMapper1000 mdMapper1000DG
Flight Parameters Area Covered (@120m) 30 ha. (74 ac.) 60 ha. (148 ac.) 80 ha (198 ac.)
Camera model Sony DSC-QX10 Sony α6300 Sony RX1RII
Imagery format JPEG RAW + JPEG RAW + JPEG
G.S.D. cm/pixel (@120m) 3.2 cm 2.4 cm 1.6 cm
G.C.P. Yes Yes No
Overlaps (front/side) 80% / 60% 80% / 60% 60% / 40%
Post-Processing Method Aerial Triangulation Aerial Triangulation Optimized Aerial Triangulation / GNSS-Inertial Solution
Orientation Calculated during the A.T. Calculated during the A.T. High precision Sensor (INS)
Position GNSS UAV GNSS UAV High precision Sensor (GNSS)
Accuracy 2.5cm (X,Y) and 5 cm (Z) with GCP 2.5cm (X,Y) and 5 cm (Z) with GCP 2.5cm (X,Y) and 5 cm (Z) without GCP
Advantages Small area mapping Large area mapping
  • No GCP needed
  • Efficient flight planning – cover greater areas
  • Efficient post-processing (EO apriori and less images)

G.S.D.: Ground Spatial Distance (cm/pixel) ; G.C.P.: Ground Control Points ; A.T.: Aerial Triangulation

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