Meet mdMapper1000DG:

Complete projects with advanced precision in dramatically less time.

Conquer large surveying or mapping projects in a fraction of the time and master your geospatial data by putting direct georeferencing to work for you. 

mdMapper1000DG is a true game changer. With this aerial surveying solution, you’ll achieve the highest level of data accuracy currently possible, cover more ground in one flight, and use fewer ground control points – or no ground control points at all.

Significantly reduce your time spent on projects. Deliver unparalleled data quality. Become invaluable to your clients’ success.

Why should I choose mdMapper1000DG as my aerial surveying solution?

The mdMapper1000DG difference is dramatic. With mdMapper1000DG, you can:

  • Reduce or eliminate your need to install GCPs while meeting the most precise data requirements.
  • Drastically reduce time spent on post-processing and data collection, thanks to an impressively decreased side lap. 
  • Access hard-to-reach or dangerous sites without risking human injury. (A great example is when we helped a conservation agency inspect a crumbling dam.)
  • Improve your efficiency with industry-leading flight times and resilience against harsh environmental conditions.
  • Cover up to 90 hectares (223 acres) in one flight.

Why does direct georeferencing matter in UAV mapping?

Calling this solution a game-changer is no exaggeration. The reduced/eliminated need to install ground control points, low sidelap, and industry-leading flight times add up to significant time (and, therefore, cost) savings.  

Below is an example comparison of a surveying project completed using two different mdMapper packages: mdMapper1000, which uses aerial triangulation, and mdMapper1000DG, which uses direct georeferencing.

The results of this sample project may vary depending upon conditions. In this case, our pilot feels we could have accomplished the project even more quickly than we did during the direct georeferencing portion. We plan to repeat the survey soon and will update this page when we do.

These graphics demonstrate how front and side lap impact time in the field and number of images to be post-processed.

As you can see in the image on the left, the direct georeferencing solution’s lower front and side lap resulted in the UAV’s ability to cover more ground more quickly when compared with the aerial triangulation solution on the right. The chart shows the actual amount of time spent and number of images taken.
Result: mdMapper1000DG completed its mission is less than half the time it took mdMapper1000. Direct georeferencing saved the user significant time in the field.

At the same time, the reduced front and side lap also decreased the number of images taken, which will drastically reduce post-processing time.

The chart below shows time comparisons between the two methods.


Time Comparison for a Basic Surveying Project – with and without Direct Georeferencing

Workflow Task




Plan Project

1 hrs



GCP Layout

2 hrs


2 hrs


35 mins

15 mins

20 mins

Data Processing

12 hrs

4 hrs

8 hrs


15 hrs 35 mins

5 hrs 15 mins

10 hrs 20 min


As you can see, the difference is extreme. From this comparison, it’s easy to understand how a solution like direct georeferencing pays for itself over time.

5 Reasons Professionals Choose mdMapper Packages

Our systems are used by more than 1,000 companies across the globe. For surveyors, engineers, agronomists, and other professionals, choosing an mdMapper package means you: 

  1. Cover more ground, more quickly and accurately. The #1 reason to choose an mdMapper package is efficiency. These packages pay for themselves by saving you time on the job.
  2. Benefit from a complete solution. mdMapper packages include everything you need for aerial mapping, from aircraft to sensors, software, and more. If you have an even more specific application you’d like to achieve, our accessories are easy to add on.
  3. Fly with confidence and safety. Our high-quality engineering and a suite of software safety features help you protect people, preserve your investment, and avoid costly accidents and liability.
  4. Don’t get slowed down by harsh conditions. mdMapper UAVs are tough – they can stand up to challenging environmental conditions like poor weather, magnetic fields, and high voltage that would ground “fair-weather friend” drones.
  5. Get off the ground quickly. Learning to fly microdrones UAVs is easy. Most new pilots can learn to control them with less than one hour of training. Our intuitive mdCockpit software can be downloaded onto your laptop or Android tablet and you can immediately begin planning your flight route.

What can you do with it?

mdMapper1000DG is an advanced aerial photogrammetry package that can be used for a wide range of applications,
but the most common uses are:

What’s included in this package?


Robust, Powerful, Stable and Dependable. Build your business on this versatile platform.

Sony rx1rii & Mount

42.4 megapixel camera paired with a custom, lightweight, vibration-free, nadir mount to capture the images you need.

Applanix APX-15-L UAV

Compact single-board module with survey-grade GNSS receiver and a precisely calibrated IMU for mapping.

Charger & Flight Battery

Smart batteries and charging for maximum flight endurance


This user-friendly flight planning module helps you to prepare and carry out automated flights with your microdrone.
Learn more


The mdLA landing assistant drastically reduces the risks that can occur during the landing approach.
Learn more

Digital Data Link

Conveniently connect your microdrones UAV to your digital devices.


Proven, professional controls and telemetry keep you in control when you need it most.


GNSS-Aided Inertial Post-Processing software helps transform your data into useful information

mdCockpit Tablet Software

Simple swipes of the finger help you plan your survey area and monitor progress in flight on your Android tablet.

Rugged Carrying Case

Bring your microdrones UAV to tackle missions in the toughest corners of the Earth.


Become an expert at flying and maintaining your platform, to ensure many years of successful use.

How can I find out if this package makes sense for my business?

All businesses that are considering incorporating a UAV solution into their work have similar questions, but the answers to those questions depend on the specific activities typical for your work.

If you are interested in learning more, we highly recommend you contact one of our UAV experts. They’ll walk you through everything you need to know about this solution and answer all your questions, including common inquiries like:

  • About how fast will this package pay for itself?
  • How much time can this save me on each project?
  • Can I use this solution for _____________________ (fill in the blank with your desired applications)?
  • How much does it cost? 
  • What kind of accuracy can I expect for a certain type of project?
  • Do I still need to install ground control points (GCPs)?

We look forward to discussing how drones can elevate your success.

Specs Comparison

mdMapper200 mdMapper1000 mdMapper1000DG
Flight Parameters Area Covered (@120m) 30 ha. (74 ac.) 60 ha. (148 ac.) 80 ha (198 ac.)
Camera model Sony W830 Sony α6300 Sony RX1RII
Imagery format JPEG RAW + JPEG RAW + JPEG
G.S.D. cm/pixel (@120m) 3.2 cm 2.4 cm 1.6 cm
G.C.P. Yes Yes No
Overlaps (front/side) 80% / 60% 80% / 60% 60% / 40%
Post-Processing Method Aerial Triangulation Aerial Triangulation Optimized Aerial Triangulation / GNSS-Inertial Solution
Orientation Calculated during the A.T. Calculated during the A.T. High precision Sensor (INS)
Position GPS UAV GPS UAV High precision Sensor (GNSS)
Accuracy 2.5cm (X,Y) and 5 cm (Z) with GCP 2.5cm (X,Y) and 5 cm (Z) with GCP 2.5cm (X,Y) and 5 cm (Z) without GCP
Advantages Small area mapping Large area mapping
  • No GCP needed
  • Efficient flight planning – cover greater areas
  • Efficient post-processing (EO apriori and less images)

G.S.D.: Ground Spatial Distance (cm/pixel) ; G.C.P.: Ground Control Points ; A.T.: Aerial Triangulation

Next Steps?

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