Here you will find the current microdrones product flyers, print advertisements and icon sets for MS-Visio. You can also download the official microdrones logos in high resolution. 

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microdrones has made its first icon collection freely available. In particular universities, but also industrial and public sector users now have considerable support with the visualisation of their drafts and papers: whether in the concept phase of project work or in planning concrete GIS or inspections, through the easy integration of the microdrones icon collection the user enjoys considerable added value, with powerful icons in diverse positions and views.

The icons in the microdrones icon collection have a transparent background and are freely scalable as required.

Icon collection md4-200:

md4-200 Icons (.vss for MS-Visio)
md4-200 Icons (PDF)

Icon collection md4-1000:

md4-1000 Icons (.vss for MS-Visio)
md4-1000 Icons (PDF)

Icon collection md4-3000:

md4-3000 Icons (PDF)

Icon collection »Accessories«:

md Zubehör (.vss for MS-Visio)
md Zubehör (PDF)


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You can also visit our image database »mdResource« for more microdrones-related footage.

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The history

microdrones GmbH was founded in October 2005, but the core team had worked on the development of many different forms of aircraft for many years before. The fusion of competencies from disparate areas has been and still is our formula for success.  

The objective

The company’s purpose is the development and production of aerial vehicles based on VTOL MAV (VTOL = Vertical Take Off and Landing, MAV = Micro Aerial Vehicle) in the sub-25kg class.

The products and their beginning

The first product to leave the factory, the microdrones md4-200, is on the market since April 2006. Over 250 units were sold within a very short time. In 2010 the microdrones md4-1000 joined the family and it set new standards, too. In its first year, over 100 units were sold worldwide. 

microdrones headquarter in Siegen.

The outlook

With future products, too, many further demanding solutions are being offered. The microdrones md4-1000 is the latest UAV from microdrones, and has definitely set new standards with outstanding characteristics such as flight time of up to 90 minutes (using a special high endurance configuration) or load of up to 1.2kg.

microdrones GmbH CEO Sven Juerss (right) speaking with the press

The start: the microdrones aerial vehicles 

microdrones’ UAV aerial vehicles are the most technologically advanced for safe and high quality applications in the air. The microdrones aerial vehicles are rotary wing aircraft VTOL-MAV (VTOL = Vertical Take Off and Landing / MAV = Micro Aerial Vehicle) of less than 25kg and based on the principle of the quadrocopter.

Equipment possibilities 

Equipped with high-resolution photo, video, thermographic or other sensor systems, microdrones make working in the air considerably easier. Permanent access to GPS data supports activities such as aerial photography and video, aerial inspections, monitoring duties and mapping work/GIS.


Whether in life-threatening situations or in areas difficult to access, microdrones aerial vehicles are quiet, precise, and offer the ultimate in endurance for longer tasks. microdrones are helpful everywhere where human teams come up against their limits. microdrones are helpful wherever humans come up against their limits.

Safety & benefits for users

Pilots of microdrones aerial vehicles are supported by a wide range of safety features (Position-Hold, auto-homing, virtual cage, Safety landing, black box, ...). The microdrones user also benefits from a flexible load concept, according to which different loads can be removed and added within seconds. Moreover, the microdrones user has the considerable advantage of a life-long update guarantee and the service, which you receive when you buy a microdrones aerial vehicle.