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Why Drone Surveying Equipment and the Commercial UAV Market is on the Rise

The German magazine, Technology in Bavaria, recently ran a special issue on the growth of drone usage in Germany and featured Microdrones as their cover-story. The timing coincides nicely with the...
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How Drone LiDAR is Shaping the Blasting & Mining Industries.

Tune in to our latest Propelling podcast to learn how drone LiDAR is changing the Blasting and Mining Industries. This episode features Jeremy Stafford, vice president of Ideal Blasting Supply and...
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German company Feldhaus enhances their services with drone surveying equipment from Microdrones

Feldhaus, a medium-sized family company with headquarters in Schmallenberg, Germany, is now using Microdrones systems for various construction projects: from efficient site surveying to the monitoring...
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Drone LiDAR in Mining: Go with the Workflow

Global Mining Review recently published an article where Jaume Cazorla Milla, Microdrones, UAE, provides an inside look at the workflow for drone-based LiDAR at a coal mine. Exploring the workflow...
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STAEREA to supply Microdrones Drone Surveying Equipment in Spain

Microdrones is pleased to welcome STAEREA, a company dedicated to Aerial Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing through the use of drones, as a new partner in our global distribution network.
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Inside Unmanned Systems recently featured a special issue on drones and data on the construction jobsite, an industry where Microdrones is making a big impact. Learn how Microdrones is making drone...
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In this webinar replay, the team from Microdrones explains how to use mdInfinity data processing software to process and visualize UAV mapping data. Learn how you can make your drone surveying work...
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Ten Questions About Drone LiDAR

With the launch of Microdrones as a Service from Microdrones, it’s now easier than ever to get started using drone LiDAR with affordable rental and buying options. However, there are still many...
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Drone LiDAR and Photogrammetry on the Construction Jobsite

The recent issue of Inside Unmanned systems was a special issue on drones and data on the construction jobsite, an industry where Microdrones is making a big impact. In this article, learn how...
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Now Hiring Software Development Team Members at Microdrones

Microdrones is a dynamic and growing company, and we are looking for a wide range of skills and career levels in our Software Development Teams all over the world.
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Microdrones Welcomes MODUS as a New Drone LiDAR and Mapping Distributor

MODUS, (Mapping Operations and Data Unmanned Solutions) a logistic automation and geo-spatial intelligence innovation company, joined the network of distributors for Microdrones in the US Southwest...
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Drone Lidar on Campus with Microdrones and Geotronix Indonesia

In Indonesia, the Microdrones World Tour made a stop on campus at UPN Veteran Yogyakarta with our distributor, Geotronix. During the visit, Geotronix demonstrated the advance LiDAR technology of the...
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Webinar Replay: Should I Rent or Buy Drone Surveying Equipment

As the market for UAV Surveying Equipment continues to grow, are you or your firm considering adding drones to your business? If so, you’ll want to consider which makes the most sense for your...
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Mapping Drones from Microdrones help Digitize Roof Construction

The Siegburg start-up ClickBuild digitizes and automates the entire roof renovation process by using satellite images and drone-based measurements taken with integrated systems from Microdrones.
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Drone Lidar Increases Efficiency in Solar Plant Construction

Major solar energy plant builder Enerparc AG is integrating Drone Lidar and Photogrammetry solutions from Microdrones into its operations. By using the drone surveying equipment they are saving time,...
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Simplifying Surveying with Drone Photogrammetry

SAIN Associates used the Microdrones mdMapper1000DG to quickly gather data for an updated survey and to track progress of a project in Birmingham’s Red Mountain Park.
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Drone Lidar Made Easier with Latest Update to mdCockpit

mdCockpit’s latest update brings a variety of beneficial features, all aimed at one key vision to deliver the premier solution for planning, monitoring, adjusting, analyzing and controlling profession...
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The European Drone LiDAR Tour rolls through France

Recently the European Drone Lidar Tour made stops in France in Lyon and Paris. where both the mdLiDAR1000 aaS and the mdLidar3000aaS were used in a full demonstration of the Microdrones workflow of...
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Geotronix Day Features Microdrones for Drone LiDAR and Drone Photogrammetry

The Microdrones World Tour recently made a stop in Indonesia to support our distributor Geotronix as part of their Geotronix Days. The event included an mdTalk from Syamsul Bahri, Regional Sales...
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Maverick Drone Systems Joins the Distribution Network for Microdrones.

Maverick Drone Systems, a leading distributor of innovative drone systems based in Savage Minnesota, has announced they are now offering Microdrones integrated systems as part of their sales products....