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UAV Lidar Corridor Flight and sample data from AGE Engineering

AGE Engineering Services Inc. is a Microdrones customer who is using the mdLidar3000DL for corridor flights and mapping power lines. They recently provided a great video of some of their...
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UAV University with MVCC

The Mohawk Valley Community College recently created a video for their two-year Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems Program that features the Microdrones md4-1000.
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Simplified Data Processing with Drone-based Lidar

Learn how professionals who work in construction, engineering, surveying, or land development are using the awesome power of drone-based lidar to improve workflows, collect better data, and increase...
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The mdMapper1000DG from Microdrones gives Brent Scarbrough & Co. Inc.​​​​​​​ more accurate topographic maps of construction sites so they know exactly how much dirt to move, saving time and money.
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UAS BVLOS Flight over the Autobahn

In June 2018, the mdMapper1000DG from Microdrones successfully mapped 12 kilometers of corridor along highway A33 for German construction company Strabag​​​​​​​ – and flew beyond visual line of sight...
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How Morris P. Hebert Inc. (MPH) uses the Microdrones mdLiDAR3000 and the mdLiDAR1000 integrated systems to simplify their workflow and increase corridor mapping productivity.
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Microdrones is Taking Drone Based Photogrammetry to New Heights

Microdrones is releasing three new Integrated UAV Systems and an updated aerial methane inspection package, while announcing a forthcoming software environment.
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Brent Scarbrough & Co. fly their UAV inside controlled Airspace to create topographic maps

With proper planning and coordination, construction company Brent Scarbrough & Co. was able to fly Microdrones mdMapper1000DG solution in controlled airspace over one of the most active airports in...
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Germany’s ITP Engineering invests in mdMapper1000PPK

As seein in Business Geomatics, this article explains why German engineering firm ITP Engineering Group invested in mdMapper1000PPK
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See how Microdrones UAV systems inspect 1000's of kilometers of pipeline in Southern China.

Chinese energy company Sinopec manages over 6,000 km of oil pipeline and relies on Microdrones Systems for daily inspections.  To date, Microdrones systems have flown over 40,000 km of pipeline,...
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Crafton Tull Overview and UAV Capabilities Videos

At Microdrones, we like to see and showcase when our customers are using our Integrated Systems to collect data and provide solutions for their customers. Such is the case in these 2 videos, where we...
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NEI & Microdrones Promote UAV Integrated Systems Together

Our latest Video focuses on the relationship between Microdrones and their distribution partner, NEI. Working together, they showcase how people, places, programs and products make the difference when...
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Building Opportunities with UAS. Microdrones Cover story on xyHt

xyHt's September cover story is a case study with AERIUM Analytics where they use the Microdrones mdLiDAR1000 to perform a massive airport surveying project, in a fraction of the time it would take...
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Plan, Fly, Process and & Visualize in Microdrones workflow videos, featuring Crafton Tull

On a visit to Crafton Tull, in Conway Arkansas, Microdrones created their latest videos demonstrating the Microdrones workflow of Plan, Fly, Process an Visualize. Click here to watch the videos.
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Drones and Data on Surveying With Robert, Featuring the mdMappper1000DG

Recently, YouTube channel Surveying with Robert devoted an entire show to Microdrones, focusing on Drones & Data, with data collected from the Microdrones mdMapper1000DG. Watch the episode in the...
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Why Should I Become A Microdrones Distributor? Products

In this series of videos, the marketing team discusses the Microdrones/Distributor relationship and examines some of the reasons to become a Microdrones Distributor. Here, they review the fully...
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UAV Presentations in Africa during the Microdrones World Tour

Hanno Truter kept busy in the month August attending the Advances in Geomatics Research Conference in Kampala, Ugunda and the the Association of Mine Surveyors of Zimbabwe’s Annual Conference Harare,...
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Construction Companies Are Reaping Massive Benefits from Early UAV Adoption

While drones are still not quite the norm in the construction industry, early adopters are reaping massive benefits by augmenting their services with UAV systems and the high-quality solutions they...
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Learn How Crafton Tull Employed UAVs to Map a 7 mile Corridor

Read the article from Inside Unmanned Systems that explains how Crafton Tull employed both the mdLiDAR1000 and mdMapper1000DG, from Microdrones, to map a seven-mile corridor and save a customer more...
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Learn about using UAVs in Surveying, Inspecting, and Mapping in new Microdrones GeoDays Video

Microdrones hosted their very first GeoDays June 12th through the 14th at our German location in Siegen, to demonstrate how our integrated systems can be used for Surveying, Inspections and Mapping....