The mdFlightSim software was specially developed by microdrones as a training aid for our aerial vehicles and their various functions. Easy to use though they may be, the only guarantee of a successful mission is familiarity and routine, especially when things do not go to plan.

The mdFlightSim software allows you to experience – risk-free – the most disparate of scenarios and develop a feel for your precious aerial vehicle, without endangering the real thing.

  • Complete visual and dynamic models of the md4-200 and md4-1000
  • Training area of over 100km² incl. obstacles, buildings etc.
  • Variable weather conditions
  • Full autopilot functions (GPS Position Hold)
  • Complete missions with varying degrees of difficulty
  • Mission editor: Existing missions can be completely adapted
  • High-end real-time 3D graphic engine
  • Compatible R/C controller with USB / PC interface
  • Windows 7 compatible