Conquer large surveying or mapping projects in a fraction of the time.

Significantly reduce your time spent on projects. Deliver unparalleled data quality. Become invaluable to your clients’ success.

Raise Your Expectations.

mdMapper3000DµoG VHR is the flagship mdMapper system. With this aerial surveying equipment, you’ll achieve the highest level of data accuracy currently possible, cover more ground in one flight, use less people and equipment on jobs – all without using ground control points.

In addition to this system, Microdrones offers a full range of mapping systems that meet your application, at your budget.

Industrial drone line


Our mdMapper1000DG helps experts in surveying and mapping to cut cost, save time, and push limits – without GCPS.


  • Sensor: Sony RX1R II (42.4 megapixel camera) 
  • Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU): Applanix APX-15-L UAV 
  • Georeferencing method: Direct georeferencing technology with Nadir mount
  • Enables corridor mapping