Want to avail of professional aerial shots for your project, but don’t feel that acquiring a microdrone makes sense for your business? Then you should make contact with one of our international service providers. Take advantage of the experience and powerful equipment which our partners possess and let trained personnel take care of your requirements quickly and reliably using ultra-modern UAV platforms. 




Many European companies offer specialised services using microdrones aerial vehicles, among them aerial photography for documenting construction sites, precise surveying of properties, inspection of hail damage or assessing insulation: for every task there is a specialist out there.

IN America

From mapping large areas to inspecting sprawling industrial sites to taking striking aerial shots, you can find a suitable service provider who relies on microdrones to ensure your task is carried out in a safe and assured manner.

service providers in
asia and australia

In Australia and Asia, too, microdrones is proving a hit with its quadrocopters. Many service providers have long relied on our products and can offer you a variety of proven solutions to meet your needs – be it surveying mining areas with centimetre-precision, inspecting power lines or transporting urgent goods to inaccessible areas.

Can’t find a
service provider?

If you haven’t been able to find a service provider for your region or your specific project, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be delighted to assist you in the search for a suitable microdrones partner to meet your needs.

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