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microdrones News | 05.03.2013 |


The European premiere of the new microdrone md4-3000 took place this year at the CeBIT trade show in Germany. Following on from the long-serving microdrone md4-200 and microdrone md4-1000, the third series of unmanned aerial vehicle from microdrones has arrived: with its new patented aerodynamic design, the md4-3000 is capable of reaching maximum range with greater loads through highly efficient flying properties.

microdrones aerial vehicles can be flown manually by remote control or automatically using GPS and are designed for a multiplicity of applications. Among the many uses of these aerial vehicles are the Saxony police force, West Midlands fire service and the UN disaster relief programme UNOSAT.

The low noise of the quadrocopter (less than 68 DBA at 3 metres distance) means especially delicate applications are possible, such as observing and counting penguin colonies in the Arctic as well as capturing extraordinary footage of animals in the Serengeti.

For microdrones managing director Sven Juerss, the cinemizer OLED is a practical and multi-faceted complement to the system: »The cinemizer offers us an optimal picture even under intense sunshine. At the same time the design of the glasses allows constant direct visual contact to be maintained with the microdrone, which is indispensable from a security perspective.«