A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a customer’s opinion of a product counts for more than any amount of pictures or technical specifications. Here’s what microdrones users are saying.

Joe Hutton
Director of Airborne Products
Applanix Corporation


»For more than 10 years Microdrones has set the standard for producing professional UAV solutions with outstanding performance and reliability. The combination of the Applanix Direct Georeferencing technology with their platforms has resulted in highly efficient and accurate mapping and surveying solutions that are second to none. They are truly setting the bar for professional UAV solutions.«

Joe Hutton, Director of Airborne Products of the Applanix Corporation, is pleased to see Applanix Direct Georeferencing technology integrated with reliable, high performance unmanned aerial vehicles for commercial surveying applications.

Jason Pierce, CEO of AVSAN


»The fact that we were often operating at 3800 m is an additional challenge here in Chile. Our fleet of md4-1000 are a very helpful tools; especially with high elevation 3-blade props installed.«

Jason Pierce, CEO of AVSAN, Chile, benefitted from the many technical advantages microdrones products offer during a mining mission.

Victor Pinto Taylor, Technical Manager of AVSAN


»Every day we are showing the world what the microdrone md4-1000 can do in expert hands. My hats off for the guys at microdrones for building such a masterful machine!«

Victor Pinto Taylor, Technical Manager of AVSAN, Chile, was once more impressed by the possibilities microdrones can offer to reduce risks and thus save real lives during exceptional missions.

Robert Rink from the DLRG Horneburg (German Lifeguard Association)


»The DLRG (German Lifeguard Association) Horneburg was immediately convinced by the RESTUBE product and highly promising operations with a microdrone UAV.«

Robert Rink from the DLRG Horneburg has been specially trained and certified in UAV control by microdrones. With regard to project cooperation with microdrones and RESTUBE GmbH, he is convinced that this type of lifesaving in the water will play an important role in the future.

Christopher Fuhrhop, Founder & CEO RESTUBE


»The DLRG, microdrones and RESTUBE are driven by the same thing: with our knowledge in cooperation, we can bring even more safety to people in and on the water.«

Christopher Fuhrhop, founder & CEO of RESTUBE, on the future-oriented project cooperation between DLRG Horneburg, microdrones and RESTUBE GmbH. Here, innovative, automatically inflatable rescue buoys are flown by the UAV to the person in distress in the water and dropped directly over them.

Dr. Dalibor Jerinic Head of Innovations – Business Unit Industrial Service, TÜV NORD GROUP


»The md4-1000 is the most productive multicopter system for inspection of wind turbines that we have used so far. Especially the long flight time makes this micro-drone a very effective tool for our areas of application.«

Dr. Dalibor Jerinic from the TÜV NORD GROUP, commenting the use of a md4-1000 for inspecting a wind turbine near Hamburg, Germany.

Erich Hrdina, pharmacist on Juist island


»We Are Excited About the Possibilities«

Erich Hrdina, pharmacist on the North Sea island of Juist, on the advantages of the »parcelcopter«, which enables deliveries of medication at night, at low tide and strong winds.

Haris Balta, research engineer at the Belgian Royal Military Academy

»So many local officials and end-users have acknowledged the helpfulness of the missions to date (which were carried out right after the flooding) that they have asked us to support the UN’s new missions as well.«

Haris Balta, on the European development projects ICARUS and TIRAMISU, which provide support for the search for survivors and land mines in flood areas in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Urs Meier, former FIFA referee


»I Saw it Myself… The Record Flight of microdrone md4-1000. Incredible Endurance!«

Urs Meier, on the 88 minute-long record flight of a md4-1000, observed by him with Swiss precision and impartiality.


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