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5 Things to know about Microdrones and GeoCue at Geo Week 2023

Need DRONE LiDAR or Processing software? Meet us at GeoWeek 2023!

Microdrones and GeoCue will be exhibiting at Geo Week 2023, February 13-15, at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, Colorado.  Members from our team will be available to meet and greet at Booth 737 and answer all of your drone Lidar and processing questions.  This year, we have something for everyone. GeoCue and Microdrones have joined together to offer the very best in drone surveying equipment, geospatial software, workflow, training, and support.

How can you benefit by visiting our booth?

  • Does your business need only software to process LiDAR data and images? LP360 allows you to process, analyze, and maximize drone survey data, producing valuable information and deliverables.
  • Are you in need of only software and the LiDAR payload? TrueView offers innovative drone LiDAR and photogrammetry solutions sensors integrated into lightweight payloads compatible with all platforms that can carry the weight.
  • Or, if you prefer a fully integrated system then our product line from Microdrones offers complete end-to-end systems that include the drone, the LiDAR and imaging payload, software, workflow, training, and support.

So, what are the Top 5 Things to know about Microdrones and GeoCue at GeoWeek 2023?

1. Meet our friendly and professional staff

Microdrones and GeoCue have invested in recruiting the best and brightest talent worldwide, to help you get the most out of your geospatial data. Our dedicated professionals are here to help you efficiently build your drone systems business. Stop by our booth to ask questions about new technology, LiDAR, processing software, or any of your other geospatial questions.

2.  Visit our Conference Section

With the combination of GeoCue and Microdrones, we’ve expanded our exhibition presence. Half of our booth will be set up for mini presentations scheduled throughout each day.  So, besides meeting our friendly representatives at our booth, stop by for one of our 20 minute presentations in our conference section. Some of the topics we’ll be covering include:

  • Updated TrueView Lineup
  • What’s New and Exciting in LP360
  • Powerline Workflow Overview
  • Cycle Processing
  • Ground Classification
  • DJI L1 Processing Workflow
  • DJI Photogrammetry in LP360: Mavic 3 Enterprise Workflow/Support
  • 2023 News and Updates

3. Join our Special Presentation Wednesday, February 15th 9am – Noon.

In addition to the mini-presentations at our booth, GeoCue and Microdrones will be hosting a special presentation on how to make your workflow production easier with LP360. Join us in Room 705 of the Colorado Convention Center on February 15th, from 9am – Noon. In this workshop, we will explore the best practices for using LP360 to process, analyze, and maximize data, producing valuable information and deliverables. We’ll show you how you can use LP360 to get the most from your data by using the software to:

    • Importing project into LP360
    • Working with Point Cloud tasks
    • Accuracy Assessment. Debias and Deal with Noise
    • Data Smoothing
    • Automatic Ground Classification
    • Ground Cleanup and manual Editing Tools
    • Using the Export Wizard to get final products

4. Products and Software on Display

You have questions about drone surveying equipment and processing software? Not only will we have the answers, but we’ll have products on hand to see and touch as well as LP360 software demonstrations available. Watch how we can enhance LiDAR data, sample our impressive set of geospatial tools and see how to create high-quality deliverables from LP360 Drone.

5. Special Offers

Finally, be sure to inquire with our representatives about 2 special offers we’ll have available on our drone LiDAR products. You can take advantage of big savings on the mdLiDAR1000HR, the TrueView 655 or the TrueView 660.


We also have an extra reason to join us at this year’s Geo Week! Here’s a special offer to gain access to the conference and visit us at Booth 737. To receive a FREE expo hall pass OR $100 off a Geo Week conference pass, register at geo-week.com and enter GEO2330055 when prompted to enter a promo code.

If you won’t be attending GeoWeek, we’d still love to hear from you if you’re interested in drone LiDAR and processing software. Just schedule a time to talk to our sales team today.